Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Day After

Despite the time difference and the exhausion, sleep was light and elusive. It was a beautiful morning, warm with cool winds. Sis had to leave at the crack of dawn to start her day. Since I was up, I might as well be useful.

Did you know tape can peel off paint? I suspected, but today I found out for sure.

A few of my sister's friends had decided to through her a mini party and decorated her studio apartment by taping glow-in-the-dark stars and moons all over her ceiling. There were paper cranes hung from strings. A ballon and yards of those colored paper confetti stapled into the wall, which where all near the edge of the ceiling.

Being my height with no tools to help assist made every second a struggle. The danger of falling off the bed, the chair, the table, and the edge of the window as each star was being ripped out really increased the intensity. Since no one was around, no one would have been able to call for help had something dangerous actually happened.

It was a beautiful sight. Stars falling, scattered all over the floor like dust drops. Wishing stars falling everywhere. What a romantic notion. Too bad the clean up made every star's corner that thrusted under my nail bed made me think twice about why red should symbolize love. Blood red, gliding over the glowing stars, falling to grant the wishes of an empty room.

Still have much to do. People tend to forget, there will always be another day. Whatever you do. Where ever you are. I must constantly remind myself of that. This vacation won't be forever; I will stop cleaning this place eventually. More importantly, there are always more things to do tomorrow, so might as well start today.

Not too bad.


  1. Sounds like the apartment was decorated beautifully. What a sweet remembrance for your sister. I hope you took pictures. =)

  2. Hey, hey Christine!!! Thank you for the welcome! The floor did look rather pretty if one did not mind the mess, but a bit annoying cleaning everything up. Didn't get any pics though. Hehe.
    Must email you soon ^_^ and had tons of fun Sun. Been procrastinating >_<, but soon!