Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm alive, I survived, I'm here~~~

Six hours of flight seemed much longer. Flights always seem so long. Everyone was really nice and helpful.

I was seated on the left side window. The couple sitting on my right were really nice. Everyone was so nice. There was this group full of families. Couples with children. Most had two. Some had three. They were all under the age of 10. Two were infants. Two sat directly behind me. The seats on the right hand side of the aisle had two children as well.

It really amazed me how grown up people really are; and how incredible mothers are.

The little boy with the cutest blond curls on the right side window seat screamed his little lungs out the entire flight. Well, he did alternate between crying and laughing. It got to a point where I had trouble telling the screeches apart. The mother was trying so hard to make him happy, but he kept hollering over how wronged he was...how strange and uncomfortable he was... The entire flight. All the passengers were really great. No one complained.

The little girl behind me would kick and play with the seat in front of her every so often. She would ask why the little boy was crying. She was a dear.

There was minor turbulence. I didn't get much rest and couldn't read as much as I wanted. Flipped through the channels.

Woo, there were gifts that were eco friendly given by the airline since it was Earth Day.

Now, I'm in Brooklyn. Not bad for my solo trip across the country. I've done across the ocean too, haha.

Okay, obviously my brain is not function at full capacity. Peace out~~~


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  1. Do you have an ipod? I would have put on the tunes and tuned out! lol And I would have tried to read, of course. Did you bring a book with you?