Monday, April 28, 2008

High point

I’ve been MIA lately. What can I say? I’m in NY.

Yesterday, I did something insanely fun. It was my favorite day!

First thing in the morning, I woke to the happy song of my cellphone. My friends had just arrived at NY and are on their way over. It was around 8 AM, so I jumped out of bed and started getting ready. Every second only increased my joy of it being Sunday.

My friends got to the apartment almost 9AM. As we settled into the place, I was ready to run out the door.

Finally! My phone rang a second time and it’s her!!! Katie(babs) from Ramblings on Romance Etc. [with Kristie(j), whom I will hopefully meet in July]! Actually, Kate and I had chatted on the phone TWICE on Saturday already. Teehee. The conversations were great and we kept going on and on and on until I annoyed my sis and friends because I wouldn't get off the phone >_<. Well, too bad for my family/friends for no taking an interest in the gianormous aspect of my life of Romance novels. Anyhoo~~~ On Sunday at 12 something PM =p, Kate and Christine drove all the way from New Jersy (yes, it’s far! I don’t care what anyone else says) to the ever growing Chinatown of New York so that the three of us could meet up and go insane! It rained, but that only made the day more memorable.

Yes, two wonderful people I met on an awesome author, Ms. Nalini Singh's blog site and great, informative, and really nice bloggers in their own right met up with little me. Can you feel my star-struck awe still? Heh.

I had stopped at a Starbucks to get a tall-(yes, corporations of America, change the language continually so we must all follow like sheep in this odd language which does not improve society in the least)-hot-chocolate and use the ladies for a weewee break (the door was jammed and a few ladies and I waited for some time before we realized it was unoccupied ~_~). Kate and Chris were driving over and looking for parking in the incredibly small roads; I don’t know how you New Yorkers do it, it’s amazing to watch.

It took us about 3 minutes to search each other out. Finally, on the phone, I was spotted in front of the tiny Payless shoes with dozens of people asking every other second trying to sell knockoff brand name watches and bags. O_o

The first thing they did was give me hugs! It was so sweet. I was so excited. Even as I reflect back on that day, it seemed both surreal and too good to be true. The wet moist air with wind so cold it hurts your lungs to take the necessary life giving breath, while smelling of sewage, car exhaust, and something you cannot quite put your finger on; the three of us laughed and I squealed a little. Can you believe it? Yesterday was too great. They drove! Despite the gas prices and distance; family and personal lives. I felt so special ^_^. There were so many things I wanted to say and comment, but most of the time I just smiled like an idiot too elated with joy to notice anything else. Coherent speeches were normally hard enough for me; this time, I mostly babbled when I was actually able to say something.

We went to a Chinese restaurant, got seats in the very back and laughed a whole lot. Content of discussion omitted. ^_~ Afterwards, we walked around some more. More heartfelt laughter and went for some ice cream. It wasn’t raining by then so ice cream for dessert was a must! Forgot to get pictures of that >_<. We did walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and had some nice people take pictures of us. There was this father with his cute little boy fishing. Then there were these two rather nice looking guys on bicycles. I believe shots of their…uh…backsides were taken. Hehe. More walking and talking. Laughing and smiles. Many gasps and squeals (me again). When it was time to end, I was so sad that I live on the other side of the country. Even so, I am very happy for the great day I had. This makes me look forward to the July convention even more instead of the quivering puddle of terror. At least, I’ll cling onto Kate until she gets sick of me. Hahaha. Pictures soon to follow. ^_^ On a side note; for the rest of the day Sunday, I mostly helped pack stuff. Although, I probably made things worse for my sister. Today, I went to 5th Avenue with my friends in the pouring rain, came home by myself (got minorly lost) and scrubbed the kitchen. Bathroom duties tomorrow. See how boring my life is? Even on vacation, I do lame things poorly. >_< So, Sunday was my day. My happy day just for me. My friends that flew over will be taking me out to play some more, but it’ll only add to my happiness since it really peaked.

Off to bed now for a fitful night full of wondrous dreams.


  1. It was a great day to hang out and have ice cream. :D
    Can't wait till July!

  2. Kate! It was it was! Must pester for pics and then post it on ^_^. Hmmmm...Ice Cream... =D

    July for sure! We'll do even more crazy stuff!

  3. Wow sounds like you had fun with two of my favorite peps! If you can't tell turning green over here. I assume you live in Calli? I live in Kansas which is the middle of no where *sigh* one day soon damn it I shall travel. One day soon!