Thursday, April 17, 2008

The start of a Beginning

After some minor contemplation and quite some time sorting information, I have decided to start a blog. Quite different from a livejournal for it's content and usage. Also varies from the various self blog websites of myspace and facebook.

While learning more about this new yet familiar sphere, it was important to think about the direction to take this new venue of self-expression. There is some doubt as to the number of people willing to frequent and view this tiny arena, for most have ignored my other writings (very often ignoring the very person standing in front of them, although they are not alone in the blame *looks down guiltily*), surely this place would get even less frequenteers (no frequenter, frequent-eer, yes, I made that up).

Be that as it may, it might as well be time for a little girl to take a stand and quietly begin to fully express the years of silence.

Do not be deceived in thinking me mute, for I am not only mouthy and opinionate, I have a great lack of censure and social grace; which probably accounts for half of my problems.

There is a good understanding of where this place will go. Never quite the way I want it, but probably showing more than I would have thought possible. For that alone, it may be worth the effort; the fear and worries that held me so.

This shall be a happy place, if only for me alone. I do believe every day should be a happy days, so that every night would be a sweet and peaceful night. I hope to be able to come everyday and to fill this microscopic minuscule world-if only a little, with joy and random fun.

It will be a slow process, but I know this is the right step. A small but correct step in moving towards a bigger goal. Building foundations, one could say. From hereon forth, I shall rebuild my once-in-ruins foundation.

To those whom took the time to actually glance through this and skimmed some of my nonsense: thank you. It may be nothing for you, but you just spent at least a minute of your time on something I did. Somehow, that feeling for me is very sweet. To my friends that actually read it, an even more heartfelt thank you-especially for putting up with my crazy writing; because sadly, there's going to be a lot of it now. ^_~

I'd ask you to stay for tea, but since it is getting late; maybe next time. I'll even bring chocolate.

Hugs and Kisses :)


  1. Welcome to blog land. When I first started out over 3 years ago now I had no idea what would happen - whether I'd keep it up, whether I'd get tired and just let it peter out. What I found instead was such an incredible support system and truly remarkable friends!!
    Hopefully it all turns out good for you too!

  2. Thank you, Kristie! You're the first to both comment and welcome me! This is so exciting!!! Look at all these exclamation marks. Teehee. I love frequenting blogs (as you can tell, I've already linked your's and Katie, heh) so I really hope it'll turn out well too! Thank you! ^_^

  3. LOL I remember how thrilled I was when I got my first comment too :)
    'tis a wonderful community - being among others who are obsessed with romance books. Most of my friends and family don't quite understand my passion for them - they think I'm kind of odd, so to find so many others who feel the same way as I do is a wonderful feeling.

  4. It is wonderful on both counts! At home and among my friends, they mostly tolerate my "obsessing," calling it a waste of money and time. Pshaw on them! It's so great to be reading blogs like your's dedicated to romance novels. It's great! And thank you again for commenting! Hahaha, this is so surreal at times, but exciting!


  5. YAY!!! Congratulations on your new blog!!

    ... sorry I'm late. :s