Friday, April 18, 2008

Up Coming Events

Time does fly, especially as one gets older. It is not really the age that shrinks the time between events and excitement in ones life. I would say it is more when repetition in one's life overpowers all else in sight. There are so many things occurring on this very day, at this very moment, during this blinking second all over the world, streaming through the net, but the repetition of every day motions blurs into an almost listlessness. To move out of this stupor (and avoid the intense social apathy that seems to be the rage these days), it's important to be active and do something! So...Vacation time!

I'm going to the state where cartoon Gargoyles were named after different parts of the wonderful place. New York, here I come! A week and a half of unadultered time where I get to eat, sleep, eat some more, and relax with my wonderful books!

Now, my TBR pile is huge and cannot possiblily be taken with me on this flight. Even so, it would be impossible for one NOT to have any books to dive into. Since my new Gena Showalter books just came in, those will definitely be tagging along. I'll bring one or two of my Nalini Sighn books for familiar's sake. Maybe a Lisa Kleypas too. ^_^ Ah, the joy of romance novels.

Yes, there are a lot of repetition and formulas in romance novels, but you know what, those are in everything. EVERYTHING. Movies, televisions, books. At least romance novels are informative too. Of course, this is a topic all on it's own. I'll probably write about it in NY when I have time and quiet. As quiet as NY can get ^_~.

On an incredibly fun side note, I'm going to be hanging out with two new friends whom have frequented the glorious world of romance novels and blogger society. Hehehe. Don't want to spoil my fun by speaking of such thing previous to the event, but I know it'll be great. If I could just break out of my shyness, it'll be even better. No use worrying about that now. Only excitement and joy. And a dent in my wallet. Ugh...reality. Pshaw!

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  1. I love all the gargoyles and such in NYC. The architecture is so very cool.... have you ever been to Central Park? I love it there.