Friday, May 16, 2008

The Desert Island Keeper Hero Shelter and Liberation Get-Away

As the wonderful rounds of...uh...rather and decisions on which Heroes people would bring to the Dessert Island Keeper...umm...resort increasingly moved towards blood and violence, the situation has become more tense than one would have liked when stranded on a desert island with friends and rum.

ROUND 1: CarolynJean's.
ROUND 2: Sarai's
ROUND 3: lisabea's.
ROUND 4: MaryKate's.
ROUND 5: Christine's.
ROUND 6: Katie(babs) & Kristie(J)'s.
And an Author's bonus at- Lisabea

Next...ROUND 7: Sula's!

Alas, as I only brought my six books (also chocolate and apple cider, these two latter things are just as important) and not had watched in wide-puppy-eyes shock (also in hiding to avoid any unnecessary intrude) onto the escalating hero enslavement, it was time someone did something!
Welcome to The Desert Island Keeper Hero Shelter and Liberation Get-Away ~~*~~*~~*~~hosted by the Heroes Liberation Organization (HLO) = Amy and I ;)

Current Shelter List as previously stated by Amy:

* Hari (Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu) - For both Amy and Alice (yes, we share!!! ;p)
* Morgan Grant (Someone to Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas) - For Alice
* Julian of Macedon (Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon) - For Amy
* Nick Gentry (Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas) - For Alice
* Daemon Sadi (Black Jewel Trilogy, by Anne Bishop)- For Amy
* Rafe McCay (The Touch of Fire by Linda Howard) - for Alice
* Wren Tigarian (Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon) - For Amy
*Haku/Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi/Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki)- For Alice (I want him for my child, I want him to be with Chihiro and them as my children!)
*Hawke, Riley, and Drew (Psy/Changeling by Nalini Singh) - For both Amy and Alice
*Douglas, Duke of Ethingham (Lessons in Seduction by Melissa Schroeder) - For Alice

This shall now begin the next alternate world of happiness. Aside from providing a safe haven to the dwindling heroes, please note, HLO's manifesto states that we (for the love of characters, stories, and insanity) are trying to reunite heroines with their stolen heroes. All characters, male and female are welcome here...for relaxation, boredom, or escape for safety *cough*.

Rules: As a shelter and liberations get-away, please leave your shoes outside as to not trek sand into the huts. There is a natural spring (bubbly water), so we'll have to make our own drinks. Also a hot spring. Chocolate will be air shipped to the island (along with other food). All are welcome to come and go so please relax, come for a break from the excessive exercises and please try not to enslave anyone.

Onto the next chapters at Amy's ^_^ *~~<~~@ * @~~>~~*


  1. Hear, Hear! Alice way to go.

    We would like to invite all those who wish to "help" the heroines reacquire their "enslaved" heroes and to enjoy our island get-away's amenities to sign on with the HLO (Heroes Liberation Organization)

  2. Amy! Fellow HLO!

    We must proceed with caution and warn others that may decide to join the HLO to be weary of the possibility of reprecussions such as bodily harm, more bodily harms, and visions of blood...

  3. Recruitment has started. Check the new post! LOL

  4. OMG this is too funny.
    I want Nick, sexin all night long Nick!!

  5. Hey! What is happening here? Oh, this is hilarious. But really, we are treating our heroes, oh, pretty well when they are not cooking for us and seeing to our every need.

  6. And they get all the sex they want. So no complaints!
    But only poor Michael who is busy cleaning all the time...

  7. Kate- NO! You stay away from my Nick. He must remain safe from the clutches of sexin' enslavement!!! Poor Michael; making them clean and cook and men sex for female entertainment and pig heads...

    CJ- We are the new HLO! ^_~ We are the get-away from heroes and bloggers alike! Reuniting heroines with their love and protecting the vulnerable heroes. Wanna join?

  8. I will pass on this mainly b/c I am an only child who is selfish and spoiled and refuses to share her menz.
    Otherwise LOL this is great! love it!

  9. Well - looks like all my heroes are safe - so raid away - just don't touch mine though - k? *g*

  10. Sarai- You say that now ^_~ (not the only child part, I totally believe there ^_^), but give it a few...*wiggle eyebrows* Teehee.

    Kristie- Raid? *gasp* We are not raiding! We're rescuing! ^_~ This island is one for relaxations and chocolate! =D

  11. Well I hear *cough* that Rejar by Dara Joy would like to go to you island he is missing his SO badly and *cough* I need to make room for another hero...