Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DIK: Desert Island Keepers stowaway

This first started with Katie(babs), Kristie(J), Sula, Christine, CarolynJean, and LisaBea on AIM (something I should probably get back into) stranded on a deserted island, each allowed 6 books. No repeats. Known as the "Desert Island Keepers."
So far it has expanded to include more people than countable (I'll try to list everyone, but if I miss someone, let me know; I'm recovering for a fever and my brain isn't functioning that well) and have moved to second rounds of Heroes to bring.
Additional stowaways: Sarai, Tracy, MaryKate, Shannon, Ciaralira, and Sarah. I know I'm missing people. I just know it, but for the life of me cannot remember.
Although I'm not really included (too many people), I decided to use seaweed to tie together some driftwood to make a raft and paddle my way through the turbulant waters onto the island with my backpack full of chocolate, sparkling apple juice (what, I like it) and my six books. ^_^ I'm pretty sure these haven't been listed, but I can always remedy and correct.
Worth Any Price- Lisa Kleypas
A previous bad guy turned good. What's not to love?
Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen
Did no one list this? It's Mr. Darcy!!!
Tiger Eye- Marjorie M. Liu
Great start to an awesome series.
Craving Beauty- Nalini Singh
An older one, but I liked the dynamic.
The Winston Brothers- Lori Foster
So adorable, yet hot.
If anyone knows someone else having books listed above, let me know and I'll change it to one of my many backup books. ^_^ So many books.


  1. Great books!!
    I feel bad we don't have enough classics on our island :D

  2. Thanks! There are a few other great classics on the island, but I didn't see North and South on there. Hmmm... ^_~ I love the books, love it. Going to be spending so much money now. >_<

  3. Hey, how resourceful of you to bring such great books on that raft. We'll share our menz with you if you share your books!

  4. Carolyn-
    I would love to share my books! And the chocolate ^_~. Woo, the men *fans self* very hot indeed. ^_~

  5. Nice list! I adore Marjorie M. Liu.