Thursday, May 22, 2008

Halfway to HLO Island

There is a saying about mirages. Something so very trempting and blindlingly beautiful, yet always so far out of reach the slight sting of every blink brightens the unseen illusion.

If a fantasy can be a type of mirage; one created by the very mind that should help with distinguishing what may or may not be truth, then an obsession with something created by another may be a sign of some gentle disturbance and a visions of a little girl slowly backing away into the canopy green forest. Can you hear the song of childish giggles?

(Long live the HLO- You cannot stop us, no one can threaten know you love us ^_~)

It is not such a bad thing- to love. It is not such a good thing- to possess. Dangers wait in hiding, ready to spring at every expected turn. Maybe knowing that such a danger exists and disregarding is the truely wary action.

(I don't need to keep explaining the HLO mission statements and such do I?)

Something is brewing beneath the gentle surface. No matter the turbulent storm upon the ocean surface, the quiet howling sea has plans of it's own. Am I making sense?

Probably not, but that is not important. The piles of letters from heroines are growing to mounting proportions *cough*, increasingly worried voice messages and upset emails. Pleas, angst (on the terrible gut wrenching angst), and outrage. Hut *looks around and whispers* orgies may sound wonderful, but it really is rather unsanitary at times. Sand is not too comfortable either. So why would no one want to use our wonderful facilities? A place for true rest (not crazy sex and dusting >_<). Besides, I'm getting tired from trying to keep the many heroines calm.

Have you been in a very large group of hysterical women pissed off about having their men taken? Many whom can snap my fragile bones with two fingers? O_o Look at my battle scars!!! *flays arms around* Amy and I are tiny!!!

Well, let me tell you, it's rather unpleasant. My short fuse is meaningless against witty and eloquent women with super strength, shifting abilities, very sharp teeth.

No more! Action shall be taken. After the brewing plans are finished that is. I'd start cackling here, but it might get me in trouble.

Amy and I have tried the sweet approach (if one could call it as such). Now, it's time to try another one. Hehehe...

For the DIK list, please go to Amy's site (I'm having some electronic computer malfunctions these days...). The complete history of bolder and bolder (if not kinky) DIK timeline To see the complete draft history go to the following sites:ROUND 1: CarolynJean's.ROUND 2: Sarai'sROUND 3: lisabea's.ROUND 4: MaryKate's.ROUND 5: Christine's.ROUND 6: Katie(babs) & Kristie(J)'s. ROUND 7: Sula's.

Don't say I didn't warn you. Don't say I didn't ask. Injuring me does nothing because the HLO are just middle people. The rebellion shall not end! Viva la revo...uh...wrong story. *ahem*

Please note: It's only with love that I am doing this. Love and minor obsession. Okay, some obsession, but mostly love... the season of may sure brings around the bees. ^_~

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  1. HLO is all about sharing. But it is getting a bit hard when the Heroines keep taking all the chocolate!