Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hot Summer Days

As the erratic temperament of the weather shifts with between joy and displeasure, the noticeable changes towards summer has began. Yet, even the blistering inferno of the sun cannot mask the chilling darkness of the universe cloaking our tiny orbiting Earth.

Along with the changes of the environment, some personal scheduling must be shifted around with it.

While staying inside a dim-lit room for the voyeuristic viewing some story for an hour or two may be rather enjoyable, the heavy burden of economic instability deems this venture to be an occasional event these days. Once upon some time ago, this would have been a weekly event. Alas, nothing lasts. Especially stability. Doing a similar activity in the comfort of one's home uses the electric aspect, especially if the weather is not ideal and requires mechanical environmental adjustments.

Thus, the need for something more, to be relieved of daily pressure, social discourse, and mundane repetition has one seeking the long traditional venue of story books.

In my case, there happens to be an abundance of romance novels. It's amazing how in one order, Blue-Eyed Devil got sent before Sugar Daddy. This causes minor irritation since I do not want to read out of order. Now, the temptation is building beyond physical endurance. Instead, the one thing left to do is divert attention.

Those whom know me well, or at least have hear me rant, understand my love of mangas and animes is only second to my love fairytales, folklores, legends and myths. In all of these stories, though, I must insist on a thread of romance. Only a very minuscule few are able to escape the rigid assessment (Junni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms).

I had finally weened myself off of the most dangerous objects of my affection. I took Japanese for a little while so I would able to read Gakuen Alice, Ghost Hunt, BLEACH, Skip Beat and many many more because my Chinese was too weak, the books came out slower, and my school cancelled the classes. Then I had to stop watching very good Asian dramas. Now, I realized before I would develop rounds in order to keep myself in check. Switch from one type of obsession to another; romance novels, mangas and animes, television and movie series, and one month of break where I go shopping a little bit more.

This year, however, I think I've created a problem. I'm doing all three. So far, only the shopping has been held off.

My actual dilemma now is if I should stop and finish what I have, proceed with the current path of economic damage yet with a very high happiness factor, or maybe just one final question: where shall I start first?


  1. Okay on a side not you write beautifully. Just had to throw that up in there. I have some serious OCD that forces me to read in order and you won't regret it with Lisa Kleypas Sugar Daddy. GREAT READ. I am waiting for BED to get here.
    Other than that I just started getting into mangas I have read Vampire Knight, Millenimun (sp?) Snow and currently working on Blood ALone.
    Since they all focus on vampires I am not sure what that says about me though..
    It is cool that you could and can read Japanese I find their culture fasanating. I get an email from J-List (basically an American living in Japan and his experiences) It is really interesting.
    And in absence of making even less sense I guess I will stop for now. *g*

  2. Hmm... It looks like my comment didn't post for some strange computer reason. I really do think that they hate me.

    In your list of obsession you left out PackRat ^_~

    I'm all about reading books in order. The times I haven't, I regretted it because sometime there are spoilers in the newer book. So I'll hope that you will power holds off for Sugar Daddy.

  3. Sarai- Thank you for your kind comment about my writing. I'm very happy to know you like it. I totally agree with reading in order. Sometimes, whether the author means to or not, important information are laid down in earlier books. Besides, I heard Lisa Kleypas out done herself with her contemporary. Really looking foward to it.
    Vampire mangas. LOL. Do you prefer horror? Romance? School? Mature? Vampire Dairies is pretty good. Ouran High School Host Club is insanely cute. BLEACH is actually pretty awesome. I want the creator's brain. Not in a jar. Have no use for it in a jar ^_~. Aside from packing a lot of information in a small amount of text, you make absolute sense. ^_^

    Amy- Ugh, my packrat addiction. It's getting sooooooooooooo bad. I really gotta stop soon. So addictive.
    More than spoilers, I hate it when the author is being kind and 'revisiting' old characters and it totally goes over my head. I hid Blue Eyed Devil beneath several books. In a box. Under my bed. It's really hard to resist. Really really hard.

  4. Well, I haven't read Blue-eyed devil or sugar daddy, and I really want to, but I have been strongly admonished to read them in order! How terrible they came to you out of order! What will you do?

    I'm afraid I can't help you with this decision. But I'm impressed with your language skills!

  5. Read Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed Devil. Be beware, after BED, you may have a good cry. BED is the best book of 2008 hands down.

  6. Sarai- I made a mini mistake~ the manga is called Vampire Games by Judal (sp?). It's really good.

    CJ- I know! How dare they not send my books all together?!?!! Katie, Kristie, Christine, and so many other's kept tempting me with awesome reviews...so I caved and spent money I shouldn't have. Hehe. Thank you for your compliment. I hope my language wasn't overly weird. *blush*

    Kate- Oh gosh, should I have tissue next to me? I'll need tissue won't I. Yes, you've tempted me enough, I bought it. I shall read it very soon! Soon...when I know I'll be able to go through the entire book without breaking down. I hope. >_<