Saturday, May 24, 2008

Packages full of Surprise

When an entire week was dragging a slow and painful death in a torturous regression in environment. Not the good kind of regression. This long weekend has not been so welcomed as the drought driven desert reaching for and soaking in the rain.

The wake up call was not that pleasant, but the reward soon after was. Since dear friends of mine have been well known to cancel on me, it was not a surprised that before I fell asleep on the sweet Friday night, I received a text of one friend cancelling. The second one this morning nullified the entire outing.

Instead, a giant rectangular box came today. My books!!! A sigh of happiness and content would have escaped if I was not trying desperately to hide them from my parents. Sadly it was discovered and the lectures of money management refused to end. It'll probably last for as long as I live, thus I saw no need to end the inflow of stories-old and new.

The obsessive reading will probably start soon, but a few movies came along with my package.
Flower Drum Song, anyone? I'll probably devote an entire blog to it tomorrow. Such happiness all filled into such a simple plain brown box.


  1. Yay! Your books arrived, not you don't have to practice so much self control. Looking forward to your blog about the movie!

  2. Horray to indulgence of books! Going to work on the review soon. Thanks~~~

  3. Flower Drum Song is probably my least favorite Rogers & Hammerstein production. I'm not sure why, really. I guess the story line didn't feel "big" enough... and the music was nice, but didn't grab me and make me want to keep singing the tunes after the show was over. Is this your first time seeing it?

  4. Hi Christine! Hope your weekend was good (abatedly stressed and tiring from the lists I saw >_<). I saw it a few years ago for the first time and really loved it. I agree Flower Drum song wasn't "big," but very happy go lucky of every day life. That's kind of why I enjoyed it so. No big revelations, no murders. Just happy and sweet. ^_^ Me and those sweet things, ya know ^_~?