Tuesday, June 3, 2008

changes in june

As spring turns to summer, the lazy heat drawing people to the slinky clad beaches, I find myself hoping to be able to return to the ever growing pile of ink printed wood pulp for worlds far from my own. Maybe this month would be of better luck then last.

Things have been going through this insane roller coaster ride which refuses to stop. Aside from two weeks of irresponsible management h***, constant bombardment of worldwide tragedies, and flaky friends that request my presence then leaves me hanging when I could have been at home reading!

I refuse to mention any more about work aside from trying to find the fastest way out of there for my sanity's sake. Stress is fine on occasions, but too much makes little shiny bald spots appear on my already black thin hair. I can handle a lot, but I do not deal with irresponsibility of those contracted to work very well. Especially consistent continual irresponsibility at length.

The final straw was when I cancelled a wonderful night at home surround by wondrous reads to spend time with friends from long years past. First off, I had to wake up early in order to finish off my hours so I would be able to meet at the appointed time. After an hours drive on Friday traffic and a near 15 minute parking, inform her of my presence and get cancelled on because she didn't get Sex in the City movie tickets. There was already a 6 hour gap since lunch. Getting tossed aside in such a way was not only disturbingly rude, it was insultingly irresponsible. This was not my planned event. I had confirmed the moment I was there. Yet, the only explanation I received was insignificant and an awakening slash of cold water from a warm deep slumber.

I was pissed. Beyond befuddled at the absurdity.

Things are moving at a much better pace now, for there is no need to dwell on the unhappy. We all have lives and I have 30 some odd books awaiting me. My dear friend also drove down after hearing my sob story and we spend some time shopping (oh my wallet).

On that note, I introduce said friend to the joys of Lisa Kleypas' Dreaming of You, Nalini Singh's Slave to Sensation, and of course, Meljean Brooks. This is just to start. One thing though, we got the last Dreaming of You, with only two copies of Slave to Sensation (all VoH was gone, one CBI was left, and very few MtP), and you know what? They were completely sold out of Meljean's books!!! I kept circling and circling, but they sold out completely! Does this just makes you all giddy knowing our favorite authors are constantly sold out at bookstores? Giddy and paranoid I'll have to fight people at the bookstore of the next books...oh, the upcoming months...

June has started a new trend of increasingly irregular extremities. I received awesome news from Katie(babs) (I really needed that phone call, thanks!) and had crazy fun threesome chat (pun intended what with all the jollie talks lately ^_~) with Kristie(j). Then wake up to incredibly interesting emails from my blogsphere friends. It's beyond fun.

My fellow HLO co-founder, Aymless, also wrote a wonderful book review on a series I will be starting soon. After I watch N&S first...and that's after a few more books. Hehehe.

A lot of other more depressing stuff also happened, but the happy stuff mostly outweighs it by a ton or two. It is a slow step by step. In the meantime, I think I need to acquaint myself with pictures more...as in, uploading them here. ^_~


  1. Phone calls are just as addicting as IMing each other :D Good times.

  2. Hiya Alice. Sorry about the flakey friends... *sigh* So that I would have movie buddies, I bought them tickets for X-mas... LOL (I think I should chose the movies, since they are MY tickets, but for some reason they don't agree). But I agree with your books assessment, books never really let you down. They are always there for you no matter what (unless they did arrive in magic mail yet *amazon... grr*).

    I bought more KB crack. The Sons of Destiny series by Jean Johnson (why is it when you order a series at the same time, you seem to get the books in reverse order *sigh*, still waiting for book #1). Will write about when I get all the books.

    Lately been reading a lot of Lora Leigh... talk about steamy *fans self* Where is MY catman (must add some of these to the invite to the HLO ^_^)? That's what I want to know. *giggle* Chat with ya laterish.

  3. katiebabs- I don't know how we lived without all these addictive gadgets. Must be some archaic dark times ;D.

    aymless- Ah, the kb crack (katiebabs, quit it!) that we're all moving deeper into. No worries about that friend, I'm going to let her be. Amazon is notorious for doing that! I'll wait for your review. Thinking of buying it too. Hahaha. Lora Leigh has rather...er...graphic scenes. Heh. Can only take them in small doses ;).

  4. Hello!
    It sucks when the bad stuff rolls in but you have the right attitude. The good outweighs the bad which makes it better.
    I have no internet or cable so you would think my TBR pile would shrink... nope I just hit a slump nothing is holding my attention. And its not the books its me. *sigh*
    Have a great weekend

  5. Sarai- I feel ya. Every now and then, it seems all the books hit a slump (it's not us, I swear it's not us!). The stories all seem similar, or no longer have that umph. Besides, if the TBR pile shrunk, what are we supposed to do with our time? ^_~

  6. It can be amazing can't it - the waves that start with just a small stone thrown into the romance blog world. Before you know it - life as you once knew it is altered

  7. Kristiej- Yes, that seems to happen at the least expected moments. >_<