Saturday, June 28, 2008

friday night movie

After a long day (for five days) of indentured service, to relax was a delight. The last local lowly maintain dollar theater (which actually costs $2 in the evenings) was chosen.

Yes, this is what I saw. Nim's Island. It was this or Baby's Mama, but my one friend who joined me took pity and help choose the movie we knew nothing about (thus no expectations) and completely random child-like fun.

Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler makes the cast complete in this off-the-wall island adventure.

Without giving too much away (as most movie trailers do), Nim (Breslin) lives with her father microbiologist Dr. Jack Rusoe (Butler) on a secret island known only to the two of them. Home schooled and very self-sufficient (she puts those Survivors to shame), Nim and Jack lived a happy and peaceful life after the death of Emily (mother and wife respectively).

One day, Jack needed to stay two nights collecting plankton at sea, Nim convinced him to let her stay during her friend Chica's eggs hatch period (Chica's a turtle, Nim also has a Sea lion called Selkie, Fred the Bearded dragon, and Galileio a Pelican that's a lot more useful than one would imagine), while staying in touch through satellite. During this time, on the opposite side of the world lived Alexandra Rover (Foster), famous author of the adventure series of Alex Rover (Butler again). Despite creating these larger than life adventures, Alexandra had not left her apartment in 6 months. Yes, she is agoraphobic.

Through the wonders of email, Nim and Alexandra (who Nim thinks is THE Alex Rover) connect. A monsoon hits both the island and the peaceful sea where Jack was located (oh no, no more satellite conversations). The villainous plots by the cruise ship staff of the Buccaneer brings patrons to 'invade' the island. Nim was injured on a previous trip to her neighborhood volcano to help Alexandra with research requests 'Alex' to come help. Did I mention Alex Rover was also played by Gerard Butler? Cuz, ya know, Alexandra has conversations with Alex. Heh.

Thus began this adventure for all three on their own individual crazy journeys to meet on Nim's Island.

Overall, I loved it. Granted, I was never able to suspend the possibility of disbelief. The CGI was wonderful and I had trouble figuring out when the real animals were used in conjunctions with the animatronics (sometimes it was obvious). I really enjoyed seeing Jodie Foster in a comedic role. Gerard Butler twice on screen was always a treat. And Abigail Breslin was a wonderful imaginative 11 year old. Of course, my friend and I had tons of fun making movie commentaries (yes, hate me, I talk in theaters-I do it more often when I know I'm annoying a few of the patrons, but you know what? If you can stand that freakin screaming baby who doesn't even watch movies, you go ahead and take my commentaries) and joking about the randomness of the movie.

It was predictable. It was very far-fetched. Lots of issues I'd normally rant about, but you know what? It was fun. Very empowering at times to encourage imagination, action, and living life.


  1. Thanks for the review. A far-fetched and predictable fantasy story... sounds perfect for my 9 year old. I bet she'd love this film. I'm going to add it to our Netflix queue. I assume its out on dvd by now...

    My kids love Abigail Breslin! And I love Jody Foster-- seeing her in a comedic light hearted role would be a treat. And Gerry. Well. I guess I could watch him. ;)

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks you! I'm glad you enjoyed the review. It is a rather happy movie. I'm pretty sure it's out on DVD, if not, it should be soon. Enjoy~~~ ^_^