Thursday, June 26, 2008

random questions

What counts as good and what counts as bad?
When everything is so grey, how does one action become more dignified than the other?

Things are not complicated, but if it could be more clear maybe certain decisions would not be as tough to call.

At which point is it okay and which line is it not right to cross? Is there really a line?

If things go well, a many big changes will be occurring. Should things go poorly, changes are still coming- except much more turbulent and exhausting. Yet, that is life.

I'm writing a short story. I think I've lost my voice and I want to get it, random writing it is!


  1. Why I believe we crossed that line yesterday with that wacky 150+ comment emails for yesterday :D

  2. Well, we can always count on you for a fine philosophical post. Your questions are quite a change from the usual meme questions. But I'm sure you'll find the answers somehow.

    Good luck with the story!!

  3. katiebabs- It crashed my network. >_< Sooooooo scary. I can't wait for SF, cuz if this is anything like those get togethers...well, I better bring some medication. ^_~ Preferably chocolate. :D

    CJ- You mean, you can always count on me to have the most wacked out questions that have absolutely nothing to do with anything? ;) I definitely feel like that sometimes. Hehehe.

    Thank you!

  4. hum something to ponder... Good luck with the story!