Sunday, June 15, 2008

A week in Retrospect

Things I shouldn't have done: Gone shopping (and not even books this time O_o).

Thursday- Bought parents matching shirts for Father's Day (yes, I know it's only for the paternal, but in occasions such as these, the other feels neglected. *sigh* Making me spend more $$$). Now, I need to exchange one due to size. It fits, but Mom wants 1)pink, 2)loose for comfort.

Needed skincare, I am breaking out all over. It's horrific >_<.
Saw the cutest pair of red patent leather maryjanes...from Jimmy Choo. I didn't get it (it was so expensive, I wanted to cry), mostly because they didn't have it in my size (hahaha, don't know what I would have done did they actually carry my tiny feet size). Then went to another store and found a of shoes on discount...but still expensive enough to make my heart bleed (if I had one ^_~).

Friday- One of my few longtime dearest friend (I've known her half my life ^_^) and I met up to hang a crafts store first. It was wonderful, except still hurtful for my wallet. I got acrylic paint! Wee!!! If only I could find the right brushes.

We did go to the bookstore and browzed, after we both got some yummy caramel apple...mmm. Got some drinks, found some journals I could use. Then chatted for several hours. *happy sigh*

She finished Dreaming of You and LOVED it. Now, it's either Demon Angel or Slave to Sensation. Hehehe.

Watched Paris, Je T'Aime. Love in all its various aspects between lovers, friends, and family set in Paris. There were two particular stories where, had I been able to, I would have cried. Some were cute, others sweet. A few I had to watch a few times to get, and others where I wasn't quite sure what they were saying (aside from the fact I don't speak French >_<). Overall, I thought this was a rather good idea. I know they're planning two more installments, one set in New York and the other in Shanghai.

I did read a new book (rather than re-read the same wonderful books continually) from my extremely dangerous TBR pile where any wrong step and one may be injured under the rubbles of pulverized story containers. Emma Holly's Hunting Midnight. Yeah, didn't know it was a series until after I read it. She's my, errr... comfort read. Sort of.

Watched X-Men The 90s animated cartoon, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck. Only in bits though. I think I'm going to watch Twelve Kingdoms though, while I clasp the books as close as possible.

A rather good amv...I get chills just watching clips. Chills...


  1. Sounds like you were a busy, busy girl! Red patent leather Jimmy Choos? Holy cow I would have had a heart attack! lol

  2. Tracy~ Up, me very busy. Busy helps me not dwell on stuff. lol. The shoes were gorgeous, but so freaking expensive. Very shocking colors, but I seems to be needing a pair of red shoes ;). Ya know, to find my way home :D.

  3. Oh sounds like you had fun! OMG did I just find 2 shoe soul mates????

    "Watched X-Men The 90s animated cartoon, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck." Loved these shows in the day. I might have to rent them for old time sakes!

  4. Are you into shoes too?!?!!! ^_^ (Huge smile on my face right now, the computer screen isn't transmitting it though!) I have LOVE affairs with shoes. Oh gosh. >_<

    Some of those old shows are just so good, even better than a lot of stuff now. ^_^

    PS. I spelled 'shows' as 'shoes' the first time around. LOL, we all know what I'm actually thinking ;)