Wednesday, July 9, 2008

DIK About Me

Wooo, I'm on DIK!!! When did this happen? And who added the extra tidbits?!?!! Hahaha.

Shameless pimping of my new favorite blog (among quite a few good ones).

Please feel free to drop by and say hello. Or drop by and lurk. Or just oogle at very nice pictures. *ahem*
DIK, the hub of an eccentric group of book lovers. United to stand against ignorant bubs that scoff at the vast reservoir of intelligence. Judging books by it's cover. For silly shame. At least read the back content blurb.

In the meantime, have an apple martini or apple cider and let's party away!

Party party party~~~

Almost forgot the chocolate. :D
Oh, and when I said I remember doing something like this before. I actually have.


  1. Hey! I posted the Fringe trailer on my site for you!

  2. Thanks Kati! It was really interesting...and a bit scary.

  3. Added tidbits? Coulda been me, but I'm not sayin. :)