Thursday, July 10, 2008


Something a book lover must not do: Read before leaving for work!!! You will be late!

Obviously, years of being late to class has taught this kid nothing. Doesn't matter if it's two hours before work. Stop believing "one more chapter to tide me over." Just hide the book before clicking the light switch to off to avoid the shiny covers with the nice musky book smell and all those tiny little black prints forming the most wonderful stories ever ever.

Yeah, bad idea.


  1. OMG you too? I did this yesterday and was 5 minutes late not the record by a long shot. Completely blew a final for this reason OOPS! Needless to say the father wasn't happy with that answer *blushing*

  2. I have a hard time with doing this in the summer. My dad comes early to take care of the kids and then I have this free time. I try to tell myself not to do it, but it's hard. (no, that wasn't a whine. No, it wasn't.)

  3. Sarai- Isn't it so bad?! I was about 11 minutes late (it was the traffic ;) but no one said anything. I'm usually pulling overtime anyhow. OMG, a final? LOL. I usually skip classes, but yes, missed a few important classes cuz of these wonderful books. It's just so good (the book) and I couldn't stop. >_<

    Tracy- It's okay, all the cool kids *coughnerdscough* are doing it. ;p Free time is so hard to get and every minute should be spent reading. At least, that's what I do. Thus...the delay in everything I do. *bashful*

  4. LOL I've done this! Have gotten the kids up late for school then sent them scrambling to school shoving toast in their mouth because I was still reading in bed in the a.m., have been late to my favorite 9:10 am classes at the gym because I had to come home to read "one more chapter" after dropping them at school, and have let them stay up too late at night because they were quietly watching tv and I could finish just "one more chapter" before getting them showered and into bed. Yup. I'm guilty.

  5. LOL, this is such a bad habit, but I cannot stop. It's just so tempting, those books. Sitting there with those wonderful stories. >_< Or maybe we're just super impatient. ;)