Monday, July 14, 2008

RWA Countdown

Two weeks left!!! First time I'm going to San Fransisco!!!

Part of the time, I'll be helping my sister unpack and move and settle in (yes, one must include the practical aspects of life in with the pivitol fun). The rest, as much as I enjoy sleep, will be going crazy!!!

The discussions about sock puppets, special made buttons, introverts faking it *cough as all women must every now and then cough* and sleepless nights of laughter filled risque topics. Maybe not risque.

Chocolate, liquor, and pizza are on the menues. Potted plants, velvet drapes and beds that require a running start.

RWA 2008. Never been, but so excited.

Not really sure what to do, or say. No idea what I should wear (as Katiebabs has pointed out) or how the weather is like so how am I supposed to pack? Maybe I go to the mall there? :D But alas, no, one must be weary of the economy for there are books awaiting purchases all in the name of charity!

Yes, it's for the charity? What says you? Personal motives? Wha-? How dare you! I'm merely combining a situation where the money that would have been used to purchase these rather enjoyable lifegiving necessities of existance books on these books with a portion of it going to help charity. :P
Also on that note, I will have use of my sister's car so will be able to pick people up and drive people around for certain times and events (if you don't mind a very slow driver because, let's be realistic, I' ve never been there, I'm bound to be scared of the roads). I'm not technically staying in SF, instead I'll be across the bay so won't have the car everyday. ^_^


  1. RAW! Whee! Books! Liquor! Wild parties!

    Ah...the weather question. Well just the other day we have a temperature range of 40 degrees! Yup! It was 64 on the coast and 104 inland. So the what to wear is a BIG questions. I would pack a little bit of everything! Something for really hot (if you plan on heading up to NAPA for wine tasting) and a light to medium weight coat/jacket for hanging in SF and evenings.

    BTW: SF Marriott is very accessible from BART, about a block away! I don't drive in the city unless I have to. Parking is yucky (though there is readily accessible public parking near the Marriott), traffic is yucky and SF is full of one-way streets so its not very car friendly. Better to walk around or take the bus!

  2. I used to live in the "bay area" and I can tell you if you'll be staying on the walnut creek, concord or further east areas you need hot summer clothing. I went to the city twice in the 5 years I lived there, had to buy me and my kids sweatshirts on the 4th of july because it dropped to 40 once the sun went down. Oh and I made sure I never ever drove there.

  3. 2 weeks!!!! Woohoo - can hardly wait to meet some blogging friends! :)

  4. Last time I was there in August it was a nice 70 degree but quite chlly near the bay. hmmm jeans, t-shirts and a hoodie or two?

  5. Amy- Okay! Bring everything! LOL ;) Also, I bug you to save me from the horrors of being lost (this happens a lot). And also wild parties with booze and books. Teehehehe.

    Sami- Oh, I've been hearing some reasons as to why I shouldn't drive there. This confirms it just even more. >_< Thanks! Jacket cover comfy clothes. Check. ^_^

    Tacy- *chants* RWA RWA RWA!!! Whooo~~~ Less than two weeks to go! Eeeee!!!

    Kate- I'm hearing business casual, but since I'm not going to get myself published, I think I could get away with casual casual, yes? Besides, if I get too cold, I'll just wrap that velvet curtain around me some more. :D

  6. I used to live in the Bay Area (Oakland) and even though it wasn't right on the water it never went over 95 degrees. So, SF will be the perfect weather to escape to in the summer. (Two days ago where I live it was 104)

    You are going to have so much fun.

  7. Mel- Really? I'm so excited but incredibly nervous. All these authors and writers. All in one place. Thank you for letting me know the weather! I'll wear light and bring jackets. :D

  8. So I went to SF last summer and bought a sweat shirt while I was there because the fog and the bay make it chilly even in the summer. Usually only in the morning and late evening though.
    That was just my heads up. HAVE FUN!!!!

  9. Thank Sara! I'll try my best not to freak out =D and bring a warm jacket. Teehee. Cold during summer in California? *gasp* Hehehe. I'm too much of a SoCal girl. First time to SF. So excited!

  10. I hope you have a great time! yes, I think that is hard weather to pack for. I once heard a saying that if you're in San Francisco and don't like the weather, just wait a while. Meaning it changes drastically, even in the space of a day or an afternoon.

  11. Carolyn- I hope you can join us next year! (Is it bad we're already planning next year's event?). Guess I'll have to bring tons of clothes and leave em all there to make room for books on the way back :D. Hehehehehe

  12. You're going to have such a great time! Have fun for me! :D

  13. And don't forget next year!!! We'll all be having fun together! Woohoo!