Thursday, August 21, 2008

error in connection

It was a beautiful sunny day, with just a touch of chilly breeze. The day was going well and I had a chance to swing by for some much needed skincare...on sale.

So, I run along home (to the library) and try to log on. Error in connection. Very well. I fix a little song and sing to my little laptop. It works! Horray! I click a few clicks to log onto a chat and wooo, error.

Error. More errors.

It was Marjorie M. Liu's chat today!

Error in connection. Try again later.

Freakin pieces of stinky cheese on a stick!!!

I run along home, praying that it'll be vacant enough for me to enjoy the net. Woolala, the internet works wonders.

Error connecting to server.

What the heck?!?!!! I just wanted to go to an internet enclave full of faceless individuals discussing the deliciously goodies of book happiness!

After the week I've been having (okay, it really wasn't that bad...just creepy), I deserve my bits o' happiness.

Alas, not for little me.

Fine, I'll just go eat some chocolate by myself, hug my dog, put on some skincare then fall into dreamland.

Hugs and Kisses all!
Miss ya!


  1. *sniff* I HATE technical errors. grrr. we had a major snafu with our internet service and i spent hours on the phone with the technician trying to fix it a few months back. so frustrating.

    miss you! enjoy the chocolate tho and read a lot of books. heh. :)

  2. Sula! The computer stuff. Ugh, I completely feel your pain. I seriously should have studied this stuff because nothing I do will get it to work and everything else that needs to be done comes to a complete standstill! All I wanted was to enter that chat room and and gush over her actually.

    Miss ya too! It's so odd everyone being far away again. I'm now planning to see if my work will let me go to the branch in DC next year to I can attend RWA again. LOL.