Friday, August 22, 2008

Innocent Men, Experienced women

Is it wrong to be rather interested in hot virgin men? They're pretty much an extinct breed, but hey, a girl can dream.

Lately, I've noticed an increase with more experience women in books and all I can say is "finally and thank goodness!!!"

Within the romance genre, it is very often that when the H/H finally get to do the body squelchie, it's the first time the woman has ever experienced some mind boggling, out of body orgasm thus nailing (pun intended) the hero (total pun) as the one. And what's most annoying? They get an orgasm on their first try...especially the virgin heroine. Is that realistic? Seriously? All that throbbing and shattering from those hard thrusting and filling with the usually enormous girth of our well endowed hero.



Inexperienced and virgin heroes have suddenly filled my bookshelves (okay, I only have like three). Those overly virile males oozing their smexiness. And so untouched! Be still my *pause*...heart. *ahem*

In truth, I'm not a big fan of overly experienced characters. The pragmatic part of me just cannot turn off that little voice inside my head about disease ridden dangly male parts. No matter how safe, the constant plowing just does not bode well for the eventual heroine. How can I believe a character being sexually indiscriminate, an act that brings two (or three) individuals to extremely close proximity, to be some incredibly smart and discerning person? Eh...

For the women. I usually like the characters to be much stronger and self sufficient. Nothing annoys more than a woman waiting to be rescued or someone dependent on a man. Even in fiction. The heroine knows what she wants and goes after it. Understands her body and sexuality. Yes, it should be making love-the physical example of the closeness between our lead couple. A physical manifestation of their love and compatibility. Especially if the heroine has a better understand of herself and not expect the hero to "read" her moans, groans and little mewing sounds. Heh. I'm happy with virgin females, yes, but please, let her at least enjoy herself once in a while to have a better understanding. And, ya know, enjoyment.

I really prefer the characters to be equals. Even sexually. Sure, have one or two experiences. Three or four. Have normal relationships that doesn't work out. Have no relationships at all. But please, why does heroes tend to have only no-strings-attached physical relations? All the time. Once in a while? Sure. Go for it. But strings of unattached sex for years and years? Uh...a) self control anyone? b) self punishment? and c) really really bored? Or heroines whom only had bad sexual experiences. Or just the one and never again. Is this interesting to read?

Is it really important to go to extremities? Over doing it (no pun intended this time) in either case for both the hero and heroine kind of takes the tension and tenderness out of the union for me.

For me, the recent changes are a great change of pace and revealing the growth of the romance novel industry. I'm enjoying it quite a lot, but these type of stories are still darn rare. How many virgin heroes can you name?

Just a bit of random thoughts over recent reads. I'm having a little something brewing in the upcoming week. Stay tuned!


  1. Yes I have to agree that sometimes when the characters have waaaay too much experience it can be a turn off, but I also think that it depends on how the character is written. If it's a man and he's lived for say 200 years and only slept with one woman a year (which is highly unlikely) he's still had 200 women! lol Something to think about!

  2. One word. Jamie. *g*

    Btw, I am rereading an older Susan Johnson and I gotta admit that the "hero's" prolific past is grating on my nerves. I just don't find the playah thing to be sexy.

  3. Tracy- I agree. I can understand if it's well written and a part of the story. If the heroines been alive for 200 years, I would hope she's had some fun too. You know? But for sure, she'd probably have like less than 50 lovers compared to the hero's 200. LOL.

    Sula- Jamie? Which book's this? Where? *looks around frantically*
    ;) Of course, I'm a sucker for those sweet inexperienced menz so that's rather obvious that alayers are the least sexy in my book, right? They're overly annoying and a bit of a bore. Hehehe.

  4. Nice post Alys. I did one on virgin heroes last year (see my blog under 'heroes' tag). My favourite virgin hero is Michael McNeill from Wild at Heart by Pat Gaffney but I also heart Jamie Fraser like Sula. I also rather liked Ferdinand from No Man's Mistress by Mary Balogh (in which the heroine is an ex-prostitute). No Man's Mistress seems to be one of those books that really divide readers - they either love it or hate it.

    Any others? *thinks hard*. Oh - Susan Napier who writes Harlequins has had a few virgin heroes. Not really my cup of tea but they're interesting reads.

  5. Tumperkin- Great minds, great minds. :D I just find it so odd that there aren't more of these type of books. You'd think hot virgin men would be great appeal, but who knows-maybe the next subgenre? ;) I'm going to look into those books, hehehehe. Which book is Jamie Fraser from? He keeps getting mentioned. >_< I'll be checking out your post and linking it. Hehehe. I LOVED the one you did about fairytales because I seriously love fairytales and folklores.
    Thanks for the more recs!

  6. What T said. And yes, alys, you do need to read it. It's required. *g*

  7. I so agree. The disparity between the sexual experience of a hero and heroine has often been an issue for me. Virgins having orgasms the first time? Not bloody likely. Men who have slept around for years and years not having an STD? Yeah, right.

    I think this is part of my problem with most historicals. I just can't handle the blushing 18y/o virgin who has amazing sex every time with a guy 15 years older than her who is a man-whore. No thanks. This is why I love Elizabeth Hoyt. Her heroines are in their late 20's or 30's. Most have been married, so experienced sexually. Her heroes are not man-whores. I think one had the same mistress for years, another was a widower. I think my favorite heroes are like that. They have had a commited relationship (if not a major romance) and did not accumulate such a list of partners as to require an accountant to keep track of the number. I mean, experience is a wonderful thing, but it is possible to gain that with a relatively small number of partners (you just have to be creative with the few you have had.)

  8. I don't think I've ever read a virgin hero, but I'm not adverse to checking one out! I don't like it when either of my characters have TONS of experience and I'm definitely not a fan of man-whores. That turns me off to the hero immediately. I like it when both characters have a realistic amount of experience for their age, etc. and I really love it if they're more or less equal.

  9. Thanks Tumperkin and Sula! I'll have to go book-browzing~~~ :D

    Shannon- I know! How is it possible they don't have like 20 STDs? Not only the historical ones, a lot of the contemporary *cough DP cough* does that and I just can't really put my brain around it. I'm starting to like Elizabeth Hoyt a lot now because of the exact same reason!!!
    Also, the lame male excuse that they have to have sex is completely absurd. That's what their hands are for. Oops, was that too vulgar? LOL.

    Katie Reus- Virgin heroes are so rare. Kresley Cole has one too. It's only recently that I've gotten into them. Hehehe. I agree, equality in all fields please. :D I'll be pimping your books soon...eventually. *sigh* Life.