Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nalini Day 2!

Day two of myNalini Singh books mini blurbs. More gushing and personal enjoyment. I seriously love this series a lot. Am I glad that they've all been brought onto the DIK Island. Great minds, I tell ya, great minds. The Book Smugglers were having an awesome Nalini Singh Spotlight.
Go! They're awesome!

Caressed by Ice
Do one thing before diving into any of Ms. Nalini’s book, always read the Prologue. They always mean something.
Here, we move into the Wolves territories (my favorite!!! What? I’m a dog person ^_^). Brenna was the changeling kidnapped during Slave to Sensation and she’s matched with Judd, one of the Arrows (okay, I do chuckle every time I read this, but it’s cute).

Brenna was captured by a psychopath and survived- that says it all. She’s dealing with what she could (such a strong character) and her attraction to the man of Ice, Judd Lauren, was just too adorable. One thing about their relationship that I felt was driven more so than the others; Brenna and Judd really needed each other to survive. All of the couples did in their own way(Sascha’s shield breaking/Lucas’ extreme need to protect, Vaughn’s own past/Faith’s fear of the future-not going to talk about the other three books *cheeky grin*), but Brenna and Judd was a bit more extreme. Brenna’s was partially her own strong will in pulling herself out of what Enrique did. Judd was his training (and the whole situation with Silent made a lot more sense) actually killing him.

Of course, how can we not appreciate the Ghost. Heh.

There were parts in the book where I’d giggle to myself, but the explanations of the Psy world turned into greater development that sucked me right in. More characters were added (some more so than others) and previous characters made great appearances without being cluttery. I’m so glad we’re able to learn more and more about both about different Changeling societies (goodness knows we love Snow Leopards, but I do want to see more…lots more…lots) and the Psy society.

Once again, the worlds were realistic and even the small characters have their own layers.
I love Brenna. I love the wolves and I love the Lauren family. Have I mentioned I love Sienna and Indigo? I don’t know what it is about Ms. Nalini’s work, but the women in there are just so awesome. If I had read these when I was younger, maybe I would have turned out better with these sort of role models.

Of course, then I’d have unrealistic expectations of men, but I call these books hope. I have hope for them yet. *stares at the book dreamily*

Mine to Possess
This was an incredibly book and I loved it, but Mine to Possess is one of my lesser favorites of Ms. Nalini’s book. Still wonderfully rich and detailed, I sometimes felt the information overloaded my wee brain just a bit. Not that it mattered.
In truth, I only read this book twice. Once the first time and the second time to do this mini review. Let me repeat, it is a great book. I must insist for everyone to read this because it is an incredibly good book, but that being said -even before I picked it up I already suspected the intricacies of the two main character backgrounds (this is what happens when a little girl does nothing but think and speculate over and over and over…and over…and over…again of all the possibilities-I do not recommend thinking that much). Tally was sweet and wonderful and I can fully understand and relate a lot of the reasons behind her behaviors. It just wasn’t much of a surprise given the subject. This is an insanely hard subject to write about, especially to write it well and with great justice. It’s just years of studying and being around the situation does not make picking up the book any easier. BUT, I believed in Ms. Nalini’s writing and I am glad I didn’t skim or skip out.

Clay and Tally were down to earth and understandable. Both irritated me, made me cry, and made me laugh. It’s a great book dealing with different issues and all were portrayed and written extremely well. Of course, seeing humans and the various…er…possibilities made the series much more interesting.

One thing that did kind of made the novel a bit slower read was the jumping between the multiple situations. So many things were occurring at the same time that it was a little hard to follow where I couldn’t really pause through the book. Not that I should stop, but reading during working nights…eh… worth it though.
...onto Tomorrow! :D


  1. CBI and HtP are my two favorite Psy-Changeling books so far. I think maybe because of the past damage to characters in these two books was intense and heart wrenching. There's nothing I love more than reading about characters who are able to overcome their pasts in such realistic and heart warming ways. It takes a talented author to present and resolve such sensitive issues without a hitch and Nalini does that time and time again.

  2. I totally agree, Nalini is a wonderful writer to be able to write all of these multilayered and rather damaged characters well without it being too overshadowed, annoying, or weepy. It tugs at my heart strings. Each and every one. :D