Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nalini Weekend!!!

Remember I said I had a surprise in store?
Welcome to my Nalini Singh spotlight special!!!
Right before the *exclusive *grand interview from the DIKLadies coming soon!

Well, it was supposed to be a “Nalini Singh Week,” but my writing has digressed so badly I couldn’t write. I tried really hard to write reviews. I really did, but I’ll admit it now, I’m horrible at it. There are already tons of great reviews out there so I’m going to focus on personal thoughts of why I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the book (pshaw, like the latter actually happened). Yes, it’s lame, but too bad. This blog is copyrighted to me, so Ha! ;) *kisses*
I’m not going to go into too much background. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of better reviews out there from years gone past. I’m mostly here for celebration of all that is Nalini Singh. Well, focus on the Psy/Changeling world at least.

Slave to Sensation
This was the book that started it all and after all this time, should I pick up the book, it’s near impossible to put down.I’ll admit. I didn’t get this book when it first came out. Oh no, no no. I saw it and put it on my to-buy list. I waited and waited. It’s going to be a series and if I’ve learned anything, it was to not consume and drive myself insane. Then I waited some more and I waited. And I caved and bought it along with the coming of the third book. Even glancing at it I knew this book was a keeper. I didn’t know HOW great it was until I dived in and never came back up.
Aside from the very inventive and completely creative world these characters lived in, the character themselves were beyond awesome.
If I must pick one thing out of Ms. Nalini Singh’s novels that I love and would hope all writers somehow glean, are the heroines. Strong, independent, feminine and real. Sascha Duncan fits that like – I quote from my little cousin, “a fat kid in spandex.”
Sascha doesn’t come from a perfect home. She’s not the typical overly gushy-loving tender-hearted type (note the “overly”) martyr. Sascha has a temper and she shows it without being too much of an irrationally stubborn self-righteous @$$. Instead, she occupies the spot of being realistically perfect. Heh. Oxymoron anyone? But no, it's true. She's perfect in a real way.
Lucas Hunter…ah, Lucas Lucas Lucas. I would not mind if men like him were real. Far from perfect with his own tragedies, but not held down by them. Nothing irritates me more than an overly tortured unchanging stubborn (to stupidity) male. He’s just so perfect. Protective, compassionate, with a sense of humor (super important even in the darkest series I read), Lucas and Sascha together makes me so happy.

And the next book!

Vision of Heat
Vaughn D’Angelo- the Jaguar sentinel of the DarkRiver pack. He’s rough and tough and completely sweet. Faith NightStar, an incredible F-Psy, seemingly fragile, but completely kickass in her own way. This couple seems like a bit of an odd mix on the surface, but completely perfect together. Throwing in a bit more changes and turns, increase in the character count and makes the story all that more intense. Hot couple (well, they all are).

I loved the development of these characters- they really change in a realistic manner. Faith gave such a true reasoning as to why she wanted to stay it really made me love this series more. Vaughn’s decisions just made this tough guy turn into little baby where you want to cuddle him. Heh. The characters never had that one moment of change where thereafter they become a completely different person.
Vision of Heat really was a hot read, although not as well read at the others, it definitely jumped started the larger story arc (IMO). A deeper look into the Psy world and of course, the two lead characters were the ideal “opposites attract.” :D
Yeah yea, this was a short one. Trust me, most of my reviews are short because aside from constant gushing of fawning love and clutching the books to my tiny bosom, I don’t have much else to say except I love them.

Until tomorrow!!! You know where this is headed right? ;)


  1. I love your synospises. Or is it synopsii? Oh geez. Do over:

    I love your book summaries for these first two Psy-Changeling novels!! And I couldn't agree with you more on your insights.

    I loved the way Lucas was calm, cool and collected and rather straightforward with Sascha when they frist met. He was so natural and down to earth and it made her uncomfortable even though she liked it. Their whole relationship was so endearing.

  2. I look like a freak in that picture, but good times! :D
    I heart Nalini and all her books, even the one with Judd that I am not a big fan of.

  3. I heart Nalini. I can't wait until to tomorrow so I can finally download Hostage to Pleasure! YAY!

  4. Christine- LOL, thank you for reading my really odd blurb (yeah, I don't what to call this really). This is such a good series so far and I just love Lucas and Sascha. Their relationship is just so sweet and perfect, but with it's own problems. So much happiness.

    Katiebabs- You do not look like a freak. Just really happy like the rest of us ^_^. All this Nalini-goodness.

    Sayuri- Soon!!! We shall all have it and rule the world!!! Mwahahahaha. *cough* ;) I do heard downloaded books if only to get the quicker and earlier too. :D