Sunday, August 3, 2008

RWA 2008 reflection

I cannot believe RWA is over. While sitting on the return train of the North California BART, the melancholy grew. No longer will I be surrounded by fellow romance readers, in a 30-some story hotel overflowing with books, and late nights of freedom and individual choice.


First Keynote luncheon. The food was wonderful and the keynote speaker was Victoria Alexander. She was hilarious. I've begun reading her books. Hehehe. It was an enriching speech that made you really think twice about sneaking out of the lunch. For fear of being recognized and publicly asked as to why one as such as myself would try to sneak out. Yes, Victoria Alexander was hilarious and gave a great breakdown of the various romance genres via "what would happen should [Victoria] be hit by a trolley while walking out of [the Marriott]..." so we should all try our best in life and write. Sorta. I'm basing this on memory and it's not that good.
Seriously, the past few days have been merged into a huge bundle of happy memories with no division of days or nights. Just happiness.

Book day! I went to the Avon, a bit of Grand Central, and the end of Harlequin book signings. So many books. I'm so happy and have already read a few.

The Luncheon speaker was Connie Brockway. I found her speech to be incredibly moving. It was encouraging and realistic. Preparing writers and giving us a glimpse at the hardships and diversity of the writing experience. Katiebabs and I also sat next to Meredith Duran. We all laughed, joked, and stole some chocolate dessert. Or, I did. Hehehe.

Later that evening, many of us went to the Harlequin party. It was fun, but I'm not used to going to parties for one and was already extremely exhausted to fully enjoy myself.

I did crash at Katiebabs, Kristiej, Wendy and Rosie's room. Heh.

Now, author photos. Feel free to name the one's I asked. :D Hehehe. Also, an incredible thing (IMO). I met Christine Feehan at least 3 years ago and while she was sitting next to Marjorie M. Liu, I smiled at Christine and made some random comment about myself and she said she remembers me (I think I was more than shocked)! And Marjorie said I was so adorable/cute that no one could forget me! I'm flattered and worried, not that I worry whether or not it's true (cuz a compliment is a compliment, no complaining hehehe), but more in the people remember me more often than I do others? Am I that forgetful? Should I eat more fish?!?!! ;)

Now, to the authors! (No, I'm not linking all of them, not because I don't love them. I'll be doing individual review post = links, in the future. I'm just tired and lazy...and hot, horray to SoCal weather!)
It's Robin D Owen! Can you believe it? I accidentally knocked over her water bottle and she just hugged me and told me not to worry. Did I mention how loved I felt at RWA? Everywhere I go.
I had tears in my eyes and was physically trembling with joy when I met Lisa Kleypas. If a trolley had hit me on the way out, I would have floated away with happiness. If I can meet any author before I die, it would be Lisa Kleypas. And I've met her. I could cry just thinking about it. Am I stalkerish? No, just really moved by her writings.
Thus, my top 3 ever.
Marjorie M. Liu was one of my major 3 authors I really wanted to meet. She's awesome. Beautiful, sweet, (incredibly smart) and let me babble with her. Heart her.
Nalini Singh was so nice. She recognized me. Me! A completely random little girl who then rambled forever about how much I love her books and contents within her books that she already knew. Also one of my 3.
These three ladies made my day: every day! Love them. See how tense I was just thinking I could be with all three at the same time?
The table was also in my way so I could hug all three at the same time. Darn table. Meredith Duran. Love her. End of story.
Love her. Also love Ciaralira, sorry about the bad photo.

She let me go into the back!!! I am half in love with Kalen Hughes. She's hilarious and so wonderfully outspoken.
If you don't know her, the you haven't been on Katiebabs and Kristiej's blog.

I'm so happy I saw her. Know who she is?
Can you guess who she is?
I love her hair. And I'm covering her batman pin, darn! Batman forever!
Julia Quinn! So happy to be able to see her again.
Two authors! Together! I read them both, ya know.
Was I seriously glowing in these pictures or what. :) Absolutely glowing.

My plane landed late Saturday night and I am still physically suffering for the wonderful time at San Francisco. I really didn't want to leave, but alas, real life still intrudes.

Kate and I on Monday before the event. Now, some group pictures. A very dark photo of first blogger dinner.

Random action photos of more bloggers.

Final Thoughts.
I will definitely be doing this again and cannot wait for next year where more people will come, like Christine, Sarai, and Thea. Maybe even Ana. Ciaralira was the sweetest, I must visit her someday-not just because of the author she and I mutually loves. Kristiej was so quiet and motherly. I'll visit one day, but moving might not happen. Too much of a career girl I am. ;) Rosie and Wendy, oh these two ladies, I look forward to seeing the often in the future. Especially finding ways to annoy Wendy through inter library messages. Hehehe. As for Rosie, she's so wonderful and puts things into perspective. All of you have helped me out so much.

After Tracy left, I looking for her red hair. When Sula left, every person with curly back hair made me thought she was back. Seriously, every person. Do you know how many people there had curly black hair? A lot. Lisabea was wonderfully funny and candid (so happy for you!) that in my head, I convinced myself you hadn't left. And Katiebabs, I teared up a little after she left. If it wasn't for her (and Christine...and Nalini's blog), I wouldn't even be here. Then, once again, I kept looking for a redhead in the crowds despite knowing she was already on a plane going back to Christine.

I also met quite a few other wonderful bloggers; Sarah and Candy from SmartBitches. They both were so straightforward it was wonderful. And Jane from Dear Author was just brilliant. Jill Myles was so wonderful to talk to and I've found her online now. Heh. Sadly, I was unable to get the contact information for Marcella because I was an idiot and forgot due the all the excitement.

Although the authors at the convention have given me so much in sharing the books and stories they've developed, pulling me through and giving me hope, it's really these blogging ladies here that made the best impact ever. I'll also need to get a better camera and take more pictures. These are about the max of photos I have. Need more. Also need to do this blogging thing more consistently and better. No worries, this experience has taught me a lot. :D

To the future. With all my heart.


  1. Awwww. It was so lovely meeting you! I can't wait until next year. (open eyes in photos are overrated. *grin*)

  2. *sniff* You makin' me saaaad!

    s'rsly tho, I had a great time and you were such a riot. we need to speak more nihongo next time. *g*

    look at you and your author pics!!!!! you are braver than i. heh.

  3. Awwww how fun!!! I so happy for you!!! Can't wait to meet with you next year. Washington DC baby ALL THE WAY FOR ME!!!

  4. Ciara- Next year would be even more fun, I'm sure of it. :D ( I agree, open eyes are in the past ;)

    Sula- Awww, don't be sad, it'll make me sad too. I have got to touch up on my japanese then. Gotta practice. Hehehe.
    LOL, not brave. I was babbling and stuttering most of the time and just hugged them.

    Sarai- Yes!!! It'll be so much crazier and more fun! We'll have a blast!

  5. I have really been enjoying your RWA updates and your pictures, too! I was living vicariously through you all week! I'm so glad you got to go. I will definitely be there next year.

  6. CJ- Oh, thank you! :D Soon, you'll be enjoying it with us. Next year. I must insist. :D Come... ;) In the meantime, I shall wait for your blog. No need to rush, we're not going anywhere and no one hears from ya, some'll be sent physically there to check up. :D *hugs*

  7. Ah Alice! What a great post! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I love your pictures! (well except that candid one of me with my mouth open...we'll just say that's my evil and tactless twin!)

    I can't wait to see you again sometime soon. Now that I know we live so close it will be easy! :)

  8. So glad you could come and I got you tipsy one night. heh heh.

  9. Whee! Great pictures, especially as I once again escaped picture-free!

  10. Tracy- Yup! SoCal gatherings will be a blast! :)

    Katiebabs- *blinks innocently* I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Aymless- I'll get you next time. ;)

  11. Sorry I haven't dropped by 'til now - well I think I have but didn't leave a comment. I haven't felt quite right since I got home and *g* no, I don't think it was from Friday night. Anyway today it finally hit me full force - and I had to work!!!
    Anyway - I had such a great time getting to know you. Your joy was my joy.

  12. I love these pictures!!! OMG everyone looks amazing! I love you in glasses, btw. You're so beautiful. :D

  13. Kristie- Don't even worry about it. I've barely been online myself. >_< Seriously, feel better soon. LOL. You're the sweetest. Thank you for always letting me hang around doing nothing. :D

    Christine- Really? Glasses better? :) *blushes* Thank you for thinking that way. :D