Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Weekends

I'm going to be on and off the net these days. Started my new job and I'm so exhausted. It's a good thing. :D Tons of new stuff to learn and I'm looking forward to every day. Just worried about taking things too personally when I know I'll be getting yelled in the future. Must learn. >_< In the meantime, I'll be studying for work as well as look for a car, a place to live, and a phone with internet connections. The new place has a lot of sites blocked off.

It's been a week and I still miss the RWA friends and festivities already. Need to figure out how to request next year off. Probably wait until I've worked there a while (half a year or so) before I attempt. LOL. Nowadays, I spend most of my free time by myself. Not many people to hang out with, but am slowly getting my friends addicted to romance novels. Hehehehehe.

A few of the gay romances are actually pretty good and I'm going give a few of the good ones to my gay friend. I think he'll actually like them. Good writing transcends everything.

Another friend is slowly getting tempted by my constant talk of romance novels so she's going to give a few a try. Except, she's hardcore romance comedy fan so I have to find some great ones.

Aside from that, I'm going shopping (even though I really should be saving the money) for some shoes, new clothes and books. I'm actually running through my RWA books rather quickly. Scary. Now I just need to buy books to fill in the different series. Although, if I had more willpower, I'd wait until next year, but who am I kidding.

Missing all of you very much and don't worry too much if I'm lurking more than I'm commenting or posting. I'm alive, just very tired.


  1. CONGRATS on the new job even though I've said it before.

    I am attempting to save money to buy all the above minus the car b/c I owe on that already. *g*

    Lord I need to sit down and actually read it feels as if I don't do that anymore and I don't know why. Glad things are at least moving along!
    miss you too even though we haven't offically met *g*

  2. CONGRATS! Glad the new place is going better for you.

    I have to say spending the extra $ for a hybrid has been paying off at the gas pump.

    Good luck finding all you need. Chat with ya later-ish. Have nasty cold thing so will not be on-line much this week except at work.

  3. Hey there! Congrats on the new job. Sorry you're so tired, starting a new job is exciting but very stressful. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. (Dang, now I sound like your mom! lol)

  4. Congrats on the new job ;) Keep up the good work on converting the masses to the romance side of the literary spectrum!

  5. Sarai- Thank you! I gotta tell ya, as much as I love th shoes, it seriously put a dent in my moving savings. LOL. But I do love shoes. :D
    Seriously, growing up does NOT give us more time to read. It just makes me more tired, eat more, sleep earlier and slowly gain some weight in already weighty places. *cough*

    Amy- *curtsey* ;) I so want a hybrid, but no way can I afford it. Feel better soon!

    Tracy- Thank you 2! It is! Tiring, stressful and oh so exciting. I'm trying to sleep but I keep waiting up thinking I'm late for work. LOL

    Katie- Thank you thank you! Congrats to your upcoming books :D. I must read and then convert more friends. Hehehehe. I nabbed another person the other day. :D

  6. So glad the job is working out for you. And you have money for shopping! Life is good.

  7. Thanks! I'm really glad this job is working out too. Aside from all the shopping which I shouldn't be doing, it's nice to be financially independent. More so soon. Hehehe. Car and then, my own place. Sorta. >_< *hugs and kisses*

  8. I hope you enjoy your new job! There can be SO many things to learn, starting in a place. I am self-employed, and work has been really slow lately, but I haven't bought any new clothes or anything for SO long, but I have to hold tight.

    I find Bitten is a great first romance for people who are coming over from more literary stuff.

  9. CJ- Thanks! Self employment has it's own greatness. No boss to follow. No co-workers.
    I honestly buy clothes like once a year or so. Shoes on the other hand. And I'm not even going to mention books.

    I just got Bitten! Hehehehe. :D