Monday, September 29, 2008

LK's BED Effect: a new link section

While I was happily irritated with trying to change a new template for this blog as well as trying to delete some accounts for the sake of safety and sanity, a little thought rock dropped on my head. With the last week of emotional shifts on this tiny planet called *ahem*, I felt the need to pool this odd net connection and kind of have a small section as an acknowledgement called:
The Lisa Kleypas' Blue-Eye Devil Effect. Or, The LK's BED Effect.

I could abreviate more, but then it may get confused with my love of TUTGBBMCSMB. Although it'll be a bit of a stretch. ;)

As the title suggests, Lisa Kleypas' book, Blue-Eyed Devil has been a story that touched the hearts and lives of more people than I care to count. The ripple effect of this book clearly illustrates the intense strength and importance of the romance genre.

So far, I've linked the main ones I've seen and was most affected by. Not exactly sure what I'm actually going to do with it. Maybe leave it there until I'm ready to let it go. Not too sure. Please let me know if there are more links I should add. :)

All in all, I had a great weekend. Mellow and hot, I realized how much money I've actually been spending on things. Very scary. So, I've given myself a goal. Go out more! This way, I'll stop buying things by telling myself "I should get ______ because I'll never know when I'll get the chance to go out again." O_o Although, books...well, that's a necessity. Ssssoooooooonnnnnnn...

How was everyone's weekend? Do anything fun?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Letter D, as in ---

My first meme, sorta. ;)

It's from Tumperkin. This meme, you list the names of five fictional characters that begin with a particular letter. She gave me the letter 'D.' It was a bit hard, especially when most of the names I came up with were men. Still...

Derek Crave from Dreaming of You - Yes, he actually was the first name I thought of. Hehehe. I can't help it. It's Derek! Granted, he isn't someone I'd be able to actually get along with in real life, but he's such a hero. *happy sigh*

Dorian Christansen from Hostage to Pleasure- Oh yes, he was right after Derek. So hot. Everything about him just oozes hotness and tenderness. *fans self*

Demona from the cartoons The Gargoyles- Good o' Gargoyles and it's wonderful storylines of history, Shakespeare and human nature. Wooooo female name! She's the anti-heroine so to speak. Can't really blame her, can kind of identify with her, but in the end - she still went down the wrong path. Poor Demona.

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice- Or, Fitswilliam Darcy. Ah, Mr. Darcy. What's not to love? Titled with money intact. Passionately in love. Easy on the eye. Adores the one he loves.

And I really debated on the last one, but I decided on:

Dot from Animaniacs. Hehehe. I wanted to grow to be like her. Sadly, that never happened. I still hold her as a role model. ;) Independent. Smart and sassy. Just so fun and happy, but with much depth. :D

I'm not quite sure how this works, but these are the rules if you would like to play.

1. Comment on this post and ask for a letter.
2. I will give you one.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters on your blog.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Finally Friday

and all I can say is what an amazing and crazy week it's been.
There are actually 3-5 blog drafts backlogged that I could never seem to just finish as more and more information, stories, and events occur.

This has just been a very crazy day/week/month/year - all of those. Lots of rollercoaster rides and meshing of time.

Today, especially, has become a bit of concentration of trauma mode for me. Trauma being a term for both the good and negative. Mostly good, thankfully.

Some revelations about friends and co-workers. Two people out of three bad relationships suddenly contacting me (both been dealt with by now). Sad movies. bad memories. Making mistakes at work and being late.

More revelations about friends and co-workers. Lisa Kleypas week at The Book Smugglers. :D Lisa Kleypas actually writing comments there (and I was able to sort of 'talk' with her *squealing with glee and joy*). Chrissy writing something that really got me crying at work and I'm tearing up mentioning this (I hadn't cried in months). Goofing off at work (^_~). Making decisions.

I woke up this morning in an odd position in bed because my little baby decided to take over my bed. Went to clean up in the bathroom, mosied back to my room and rummaged through the closest to prep for work. Dropped stuff on bed to look figure out what to wear and realized my dog hadn't moved the entire time whereas she's usually up waiting for me to take her to do her daily business outside. I freaked out and immediately jumped on the bed to shake her awake only to have her glare at me for waking her from a comfy position and deep sleep. She completely freaked me out because I couldn't see her breathing and thought she died. Obviously, she was fine and then requested loving attention before falling back to sleep.

Don't know how much more my heart can take, especially when she is what's left of my little bruised heart. My poor puppy. All I ask is for her to be in as little pain as possible and I'm trying to fill her life with as much joy as possible. Thus, her taking over bed. The brat. And refusing water because she wanted snacks. >_<

This is going to be a very busy weekend too, so I hope things will be settling into a good flow of things soon. I'm pretty sure it will, I just need to relax, sleep/eat/read more, and learn to focus. :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More torture.

Ana and Thea are still torturing me (among others out there) with the more Lisa Kleypas love.

CJ even did guest/dare review of Sugar Daddy yesterday. :D Today's Blue Eyed Devil.

Maybe it's because Lisa Kleypas is such a great writer, maybe it's the wonderful reviews Ana and Thea always does. Maybe it's the cold medicine pumping through my system while I slave away at work, but I feel like crying. Happy tears. Such happy tears.

No, I haven't read those two yet. Yes, I have the books. What am I waiting for? When I'm finally on my own and can weep to my hearts content. Something to look forward to and waiting for me until I'm free and ready.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Go to The Book Smugglers NOW!

This week, they're having the wonderful Lisa Kleypas week. Trust me, if I could cry, I would. Go go go!!!

It's Lisa Kleypas!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

short update

Things are sort of in **** mode right now and I'm trying to deal with this the best I can.

In a nutshell; usual probs friend except all at once, work issues, weirdo attactions (I am actually getting especially sick of this one), money (who doesn't), and some past blemishes deciding to swell into the present and taint with their pretty colors.

Saw some face cream worth one grand and really wanted to try it just to see if I'll reverse age and turn me into an infant (what? they said anti-aging). Bought something else - much cheaper thank you very much. Think I'm going to start blogging about skincare.

Was discriminated against. Again. Screw them - never going to California Pizza Kitchen again. The f***ards.

Staying away from the library a bit for 'causing problems.' Eh, I talk too much and really should just check out more books instead of sitting on the floor reading and refusing to leave.

Need to stop watching TV to numb my brain: I'll miss Law and Order CI - no cable, Gray's Anatomy may be unrealistic - it's still addictive, Heroes - 'nuf said, Bones - season start's kind o disappointing, NSIC/CSI - gruesome yet addictive, and need Life to start now. Gossip Girl, although interesting makes me creeped out for it's 'high school' contents. I must of been really missing out in my day. Simpsons...mmmm.....

No more traumatizing movies please. Pan's Labyrinth. Last of the Mohicans.

Want to do something, but don't know what. Need change. The good kind please.

Do you think 15 years is too big of a difference for relationships? I really do, yet read lots of romance with that. Was usually okay, but kind of makes me feel...gross. What's the max age difference you may be able to accept?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

blog links

I just realized an increasing problem.

Where do I link friends whom are also authors? Or authors whom became my friends?!?!!

Gah! All you people scribbling away and getting published now confused my system of linkage!

Need to think...

Monday, September 15, 2008

what you want vs what you're good at

Something struck me the other, literally.

The massive mess of a room I reside in was being shuffled around as usual and of course that warrants the scattered sheets of papers containing my scribbles. As a nice one subject college rule notebook decided to flutter down from the paper volcano of a desk landing on my head as I was bent cleaning under my bed, I decided to take a pause - while clearing my bloodly vision and read a few of my writings.

Never a good idea. They can be just as addictive as reading a book. Except, not in the same way.

Aside from cringe at the insanity that was my writing, I've come to a rather disgruntled realization. I. Suck. At. Writing. Romance.

Instead, my greatest (I use that word lightly since my writing samples really are a bit horrific) writing pieces were satires, irony, or subtle yet crazy humor. Yeah. I can't seem to write romance. Nooooooooooooo~~~~ There goes that dream I never even realized I had. Not that I wanted to write romance, but I just never thought it would be that bad. Like... Really bad!

The worst part of it was that when I wrote whatever it was, I was also sincerely serious. Gah they were bad.

Guess if I ever should go into a writing career *scoffs*, I'd stay away from romance. Yet somehow, that thought makes me really sad.


How do you choose between something you want to do and something you're good at?

P.S. Found out blogs weren't blocked at work. Heheheh. Going to try to surf more often, but with current workload. Le sigh.

The Letter that was Never Mailed

Dearest Gloria,

How have you been? It's almost two years since I last heard from you. I hope all is well. I do apologize for taking two years to write this letter, but I think it's finally time for me to get things out in the open. Of course, the fact you would never take my calls, ignoring my emails and voice messages and refusals to answer even answer the door made things just a bit harder - and me hesitant to write to you.

Two years since we last spoke. Where do I even begin? I hope your health is well. I miss Tom very much, but I did not want to put him in a situation where hanging out with me would make you uncomfortable. Because is sure as heck makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.

What brought this on? I guess this is a good place to start. Believe it or not, it was some simple hollywood movie I watched. Some glamorous unrealistic movie called The Last of the Mohicans. In the old days, we probably would have sat down and laughed together; the good, the bad, the fun. A movie filled with props, stereotypes, and good old fashion fairytales. Yet, this can never happen again and the worst part of it is I would never truly know why.

Why did you suddenly feel as if I'd done something so horrid as to cut yourself off completely from me? Did I hurt you? Did I lie? Cheat? Kill? To this day I still do not understand what was so severe as to constitute the end of our friendship.

Did you know I truly thought of you as my family? That you were like my WaiPo (maternal grandma) and that was no small compliment. She was my everything and when she passed away, I felt as if I was a tiny spec of dust floating aimlessly in the vast icy vacuum of space. Until I met you and you completely blew me away. Like the rays of the sun gently brushing aside the winter snow breathing life to a new spring day.

Then you left. The feeling of abandonment was not new to me, but I never would have conceived the one individual I completely believed in to treat me with such callousness. The worst part is never knowing why. If you had confronted me, yelled at me, for once-explained to me what it was I did to cause such a reaction, I would at least take it with grace.

Instead, did you know what I had to tell my little cousin (the little girl who looked up to you even more than I) why she couldn't see you or Tom anymore? That we could not go out and play, go volunteer or even just sit and do nothing together? That it was because I don't know what I did and you don't ever want to speak to, or even about me again? To this day she believes you'd still come back, but I know you won't.

You broke my heart more than I could ever imagined. But how dare you break her's. What right do you have to be so uncaring one sudden day without any explanation? For that alone, I do not think I could ever let this go. I had to hear it from Tak- that you didn't even want to mention me because you love me? This is love?

It took me six months to fully come to terms with your indifference because from the bottom of my heart I would never have believed you to act this way. But we all know what happened to that. If I did have a heart before, I certainly do not anymore. Yet, in all my anger and hurt, I just cannot let go of my confusion. Do you know how hard it is to have to defend yourself without knowing it? Do you even care?

Believe it or not, I've narrowed down the reason and placed blame on another. Yet, when I really thought about it, if you were so easily swayed into believing them to the point of not even giving me the opportunity to speak for myself, then that is your truth.

I do not want to worry about your heath anymore. Worrying whether you and Tom were getting enough rest. Getting any help with all the stuff you need to do. If people were treating you well.

You were my family, but you also know better than anyone else how fragile that relationship can be. You made your choice and I can only hope I will come to respect it. If I could cry, I would - but it's not worth crying about. Not anymore. Even as the lump form in the back of my throat, as my vision becomes blurry and the pain of every breath I take screams at me to let it out, I would rather save my wrinkles for laughter rather then tears.

Two years. I think it's about enough. Time may not dim the pain or dull the wound, but at least I've filled it living my life to the best that I could. For that, I do thank you. You did help me more than I could ever say. Even this brutal break had helped me move on as best as I could. Meeting new friends and entering a different career path.

Maybe someday I'll stop caring. Maybe one day, I could look back and laugh. Until then, I wish you and Tom well. And that whatever it was, was worth it.

Peace and love,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Last of the Mohicans

Yes, you see correctly. The Last of the Mohicans. I blame Sula. Go there for the great wonderful review she did as well, cuz I'm not gonna. Here is going to be some rambling, thoughts, and gushing. Hehehe.

As a fellow book lover, it is understandable that the library is like a mini version of heaven on earth. Especially the romance section. Since I have friend who works there (and more now that I go so often they all know me), it was amazing when I turned to the side and saw The Last of the Mohicans right there. Waiting for me. Calling me. Mocking me. Okay, not mocking, just softly whispering sweet nothings as all men do.

So I plopped my little giant bottom onto the bed, stuck the DVD into the laptop cd drive, pulled out my newly bought stash and nail polish and proceeded to flush myself with much love. *cough*

It was filled with great scenery. The music was wonderful. Very beautifully shot.

Now I have a mini crush on Eric Schweig (so hot) and I finally understand all the fuss over Daniel Day-Lewis. Both Madeleine Stowe and Jodhi May were gorgeous. So gorgeous. The tension. The love. Wooooooo.

And can I say how much I love the actor Wes Studi? Love this guy. How every one of his films and roles always struck me as mesmerizing? His acting and emotional expressions dazzle me, whether as a hero or fallen villain. I'm going to be a bit blasphemes...he surpasses Gerry Butler for me. Don't kill me *throw hands over head and cowers* Wes Studi was imprinted into my brain much earlier. Okay, okay, so maybe not Gerry Butler. No. Wait. Yeah, love him more. But not in the same way. Or maybe I didn't love Gerry the way I should have. Gah! This movie is making me all confused!

All of them were great. End of story.

Okay, now the analysis. Ah, this movie. As well-rounded as the characters were, how many cliches does it have? Helpless female. Check. Brave adopted white male raised American Indian. Check. Self sacrificing, loving and silent Brave. Double check that.

Oh, and the historical inaccuracies? I'm giggling just thinking about it. Ah, the inaccurarcies. It's even a bit different from the novel. Not that I was really able to read the novel. I tried. Then I read the end (Yes, I'm one of those - that's for another discussion).

The women were overall good although Alice really seemed a bit on the idealized ethereal girl. Cora, much stronger, was also idealized. They were all idealized in some way. Oh well. That's movie magic for ya.

Still, this was great movie for sure. At least I didn't cry. So now, I'm going to go watch Pan's Labyrinth to finish the job and weep like a mockingbird.

After I put the soundtrack into my amazon cart. And the movie. Hehehe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

still alive...sadly...or barely

Yes, I'm alive. Work is running me ragged. It's all good...or it will be. Eventually. Hopefully. Ugh, I'm tired. This was a crazy week and it'll going get more so in the next two weeks. Rollercoaster, seriously.
Got some fun stuff. Got some lame stuff.
Read some cool stuff. Read some creepy stuff.

Yea...peace out!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Go to DIK for Nalini Singh

It's day two there. Why aren't you? *wink* Go for some Nalini lurv~~~

In the mean time, I took one of those fun online quiz courtesy of Chrissy!

Your Ice Cream Personality:

You like to think of yourself as a fairly modest person. And it's true that you don't talk yourself up... but you're also pretty happy with who you are.

You have a wild reputation, but you're not as wild as you seem. You take risks, but only measured risks.

You are very set in your ways and very conservative. You rather stick to what's tried and true than do something new.

You are a natural multitasker. You feel alive when you're doing more than one thing at a time.

You can be a big dramatic and over the top sometimes. You are bold in every way

Kinda true, but remember, it's just for fun. :D I love ice cream...mmmm

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nalini Singh at DIK Island

As the title suggests, the very talented Ms. Nalini Singh has joined the DIK ladies for a three day (everyone thinks it's only three days...*cackles*) interview done by Amy and I (mostly Amy, but I hope you're all ready for a bit of a shock...*wicked smile*).

Please drop by, have a drink and enjoy all the fun!

To anyone has been wondering why I keep calling Nalini Singh Ms. Nalini rather than Nalini or Ms. Singh, here's a bit of clarification:

I was raised by my Wai Po (maternal Grandmother) for most of my youth and if I had gained anything from her was to be respectful. In American culture, it is customary to call people by their first names despite age differences as an elimination of status gaps and familiarity. By using a 'ms.' with a first name, I am trying to show respectful familiarity. It has nothing to do with one's martial status and everything to do with a personal preference. Also, I felt she would be more understanding than most people in this somewhat Asian formality of an honorific.

No, she isn't the only one I use this reference to, but Ms. Nalini is one of the few I directly call/write as such. A few other individual also have this formality reserved, but I usually call them that in my head. Also, a few are different types of respect so don't go thinking I have some order or list (*quickly crumples a sheet of paper and pops into mouth, starts chewing with a grimace*)

Being Chinese American is odd sometimes, of course, it doesn't help that I feel I'm black. <~~ a whole 'nother conversation that I'm still working out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nalini contest.

(Lookie this yummy picture again.'ll be in my clutches. On my bed. In my bag. With me at work. Hehehehehe)

To celebrate the upcoming (September 2nd!) release of Hostage to Pleasure the 5th full-length entry in the Psy/Changeling world, I'm running a fun contest all about being hostages to pleasure *grin*(Can't I hold them hostage instead? ;D)

What's up for grabs?The winner, chosen at random, will receive a US$75 gift certificate from the online bookstore of your choice :)What do you have to do to enter?

(Doing it now. Mwahahaha.)

(a) Do a post on your blog, livejournal, myspace, facebook or website etc, where you answer at least one of the questions below. You can do all three questions if you like!

* Which fictional hero (from books, tv, movies...) would you most like to hold hostage? Riley from Branded By Fire (yes yes, I know the book is not out yet, I don't care). He's hot, what can I say?

*Which fictional hero would you most like to be held hostage by? Hari from Tiger Eye. He'll treat me right. Such a sweetie.

*Which fictional world would you most like to be held hostage in? Umm...must I? I think this world is whacked enough. Hmmm... I would say Twelve Kingdoms, but I know I'm no King. I'd do Dirk and Steel or Psy/Changeling, but too much blood on both counts. As tempting as it is to dive into Lisa Kleypas' world (we all know how much I love her...the tears, the tears!!!), but I would soooooo not fit in. Modern Asian girl in that time period? No freakin way. I want anything Diana Wynne Jones or Hayao Miyazaki. What? I like child-like fantasies with realistics and deep undertones. *g*

(b) link back to this post & mention the contest

(c) post the cover of Hostage to Pleasure if possible; and

(d) leave a comment here with a link to where you've posted your entry (if, for some reason, you can't comment, email me the details at nalinisinghwrites @ (without the spaces))*NOTE: If you're leaving a Myspace link, please leave a link to your profile - the direct links to the blogs aren't working.

(e) do all this before midnight September 5th, 2008, PST.And most of all - have fun!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hostage to Pleasure

HOSTAGE TO PLEASURE, in stores September 2th!!!
Yes, soon my little pretty, you shall be within grasp! Oh, how much happiess can be contained within such a tiny little thing...oh yes~~~
Hostage to Pleasure

Buy this book. Just go out there and buy it. Buy it I say! ;) You will not regret it. This is one of the most surprising and wonderfully written stories ever.

When I got the book in the mail, it stayed with me…for days and nights. I held onto it and read every word over and over again. Over and over again…non-stop. I admit, I stayed up until about 3 A.M. on a Tuesday. Then read it at work. Then again that night…and so on and so forth (gimme that book, Ciara! Don’t take away my baby!). Hostage to Pleasure was one of the best books I have read. Nalini Singh does not disappoint. HtP was incredibly in depth and fleshed out. Full of surprises and turns that fits into the plot lines, but shows great respect to the readers’ intelligence.

We are already five books into the series and I can assure you, this book can be read out of order (although I have no idea why anyone would want to do such a thing) and still contain enough background without overwhelming new readers, or annoying long time followers.

Ashaya was another unique and strong individual-a great character. She was such a surprise, but as I’ve come to expect from Ms. Nalini- the women of these books do not disappoint. Strong and soft. Stubborn and compassionate. So…human. Flawed, but strives for better.

And Dorian. Oh Dorian. He was so real. I know I keep using this word throughout, but honestly, I don’t why I feel as if these characters exist. Their personalities, tragedies and actions progress in a manner that stays within character. Especially the women. If I could, I would want every male character in this book. And female. I’m not picky…and I’m open. *cough*

Dorian wasn’t some happy sap, but even in the worst situations, he still had this humor about him.

Once again, I don’t know how Ms. Nalini does this but it’s a testament of her skills as a writer that I can love the side characters whether they have a large role in the story arcs or not. Example: even though Dorian’s sister was gone, I actually fell so much in love her in this book that tears welled up towards the end of the book. And throughout. Great development, awesome characters, and everything was to die for.

I’m already foreseeing several copies because I’m going to run through them like no tomorrow.

Now, the only problem…there’s no release date for Branded by Fire!!!! I want it now! No, I need it more than the next batch of chocolately goodness after a long steamy day.
I’m slowly dying here. Very torturously slow, but as I’ve learned, Nalini Singh’s books are worth the wait. It will be worth every second…like great fore…shadowing. =P