Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Finally Friday

and all I can say is what an amazing and crazy week it's been.
There are actually 3-5 blog drafts backlogged that I could never seem to just finish as more and more information, stories, and events occur.

This has just been a very crazy day/week/month/year - all of those. Lots of rollercoaster rides and meshing of time.

Today, especially, has become a bit of concentration of trauma mode for me. Trauma being a term for both the good and negative. Mostly good, thankfully.

Some revelations about friends and co-workers. Two people out of three bad relationships suddenly contacting me (both been dealt with by now). Sad movies. bad memories. Making mistakes at work and being late.

More revelations about friends and co-workers. Lisa Kleypas week at The Book Smugglers. :D Lisa Kleypas actually writing comments there (and I was able to sort of 'talk' with her *squealing with glee and joy*). Chrissy writing something that really got me crying at work and I'm tearing up mentioning this (I hadn't cried in months). Goofing off at work (^_~). Making decisions.

I woke up this morning in an odd position in bed because my little baby decided to take over my bed. Went to clean up in the bathroom, mosied back to my room and rummaged through the closest to prep for work. Dropped stuff on bed to look figure out what to wear and realized my dog hadn't moved the entire time whereas she's usually up waiting for me to take her to do her daily business outside. I freaked out and immediately jumped on the bed to shake her awake only to have her glare at me for waking her from a comfy position and deep sleep. She completely freaked me out because I couldn't see her breathing and thought she died. Obviously, she was fine and then requested loving attention before falling back to sleep.

Don't know how much more my heart can take, especially when she is what's left of my little bruised heart. My poor puppy. All I ask is for her to be in as little pain as possible and I'm trying to fill her life with as much joy as possible. Thus, her taking over bed. The brat. And refusing water because she wanted snacks. >_<

This is going to be a very busy weekend too, so I hope things will be settling into a good flow of things soon. I'm pretty sure it will, I just need to relax, sleep/eat/read more, and learn to focus. :D


  1. I have had a box of tissue next to me all day
    *Shakes fist at Puff gals and Christine*

  2. I ran out of tissues and had to hide for a while too. *sniff sniff*
    First time cryng while reading a blog, that's for sure.

  3. Y'all making me cry, I can't take it anymore! You , Christine, Katie are all too sweet for words.

    Thanks for all the support for Lisa Kleypas week!

  4. Ana- Thank you and Thea for doing Lisa Kleypas week. I think we wouldn't be here all crying and laughing together without her/this week.

  5. Awww *hugs* You can't escape me Alice *resumes inappropriate licking*

    You are the sweetest gal ever :) Thanks for the LK love!!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  6. Gah, Thea, nooooooooo~~~~~ Awww, thank you for thinking so. Why are you thanking me for the LK week? I'm thanking you! It was wonderful! :D You have a gloreous weekend too!