Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Last of the Mohicans

Yes, you see correctly. The Last of the Mohicans. I blame Sula. Go there for the great wonderful review she did as well, cuz I'm not gonna. Here is going to be some rambling, thoughts, and gushing. Hehehe.

As a fellow book lover, it is understandable that the library is like a mini version of heaven on earth. Especially the romance section. Since I have friend who works there (and more now that I go so often they all know me), it was amazing when I turned to the side and saw The Last of the Mohicans right there. Waiting for me. Calling me. Mocking me. Okay, not mocking, just softly whispering sweet nothings as all men do.

So I plopped my little giant bottom onto the bed, stuck the DVD into the laptop cd drive, pulled out my newly bought stash and nail polish and proceeded to flush myself with much love. *cough*

It was filled with great scenery. The music was wonderful. Very beautifully shot.

Now I have a mini crush on Eric Schweig (so hot) and I finally understand all the fuss over Daniel Day-Lewis. Both Madeleine Stowe and Jodhi May were gorgeous. So gorgeous. The tension. The love. Wooooooo.

And can I say how much I love the actor Wes Studi? Love this guy. How every one of his films and roles always struck me as mesmerizing? His acting and emotional expressions dazzle me, whether as a hero or fallen villain. I'm going to be a bit blasphemes...he surpasses Gerry Butler for me. Don't kill me *throw hands over head and cowers* Wes Studi was imprinted into my brain much earlier. Okay, okay, so maybe not Gerry Butler. No. Wait. Yeah, love him more. But not in the same way. Or maybe I didn't love Gerry the way I should have. Gah! This movie is making me all confused!

All of them were great. End of story.

Okay, now the analysis. Ah, this movie. As well-rounded as the characters were, how many cliches does it have? Helpless female. Check. Brave adopted white male raised American Indian. Check. Self sacrificing, loving and silent Brave. Double check that.

Oh, and the historical inaccuracies? I'm giggling just thinking about it. Ah, the inaccurarcies. It's even a bit different from the novel. Not that I was really able to read the novel. I tried. Then I read the end (Yes, I'm one of those - that's for another discussion).

The women were overall good although Alice really seemed a bit on the idealized ethereal girl. Cora, much stronger, was also idealized. They were all idealized in some way. Oh well. That's movie magic for ya.

Still, this was great movie for sure. At least I didn't cry. So now, I'm going to go watch Pan's Labyrinth to finish the job and weep like a mockingbird.

After I put the soundtrack into my amazon cart. And the movie. Hehehe.


  1. oh goody, you saw it! *g* Was Eric Schweig not to die for? And DDL? IDK about Wes Studi for drools...definitely intense and wowza actor but scares me more than anything. lol.

    dontcha love that soundtrack? As for the stereotypical characters, oh yes. It's a story painted in broad sweeping strokes. Just wait till you read the book (if you do/did). Much much worse. heh.

    Btw, we need to get Carrie Lofty to talk more about her academic thesis writing about this movie. Verra interesting.

    And if you haven't read Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati, you really oughta. :)

  2. Oh I love this movie. Yes there are some severe inaccuracies but I just overlooked them! lol

    So glad you liked it.

  3. Sula- How could I resist? It's great. And - Yes, Eric Schweig was so gorgeous. They were all just wonderful. Sometimes, they could just stand there and do nothing, but still be so captivating. I need that soundtract now. Need it.
    I tried the book. Got bored. >_<
    She wrote one? OMG, we need to annoy her now. Want to read.

    Into the Wilderness you say. *puts on to buy list* :D

    Tracy - Oh yes, I overlooked them all right. Especially as I made goo goo eyes at them lovely looking peeps. ;)

  4. This is one of my favourite movies for the eye candy that is DDL. Eric Schweig is pretty hot too *g* It was so sad what happened to his character And the scenery is gorgeous. And I LURVE the soundtrack - I have it and heartily recommend it.