Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Letter D, as in ---

My first meme, sorta. ;)

It's from Tumperkin. This meme, you list the names of five fictional characters that begin with a particular letter. She gave me the letter 'D.' It was a bit hard, especially when most of the names I came up with were men. Still...

Derek Crave from Dreaming of You - Yes, he actually was the first name I thought of. Hehehe. I can't help it. It's Derek! Granted, he isn't someone I'd be able to actually get along with in real life, but he's such a hero. *happy sigh*

Dorian Christansen from Hostage to Pleasure- Oh yes, he was right after Derek. So hot. Everything about him just oozes hotness and tenderness. *fans self*

Demona from the cartoons The Gargoyles- Good o' Gargoyles and it's wonderful storylines of history, Shakespeare and human nature. Wooooo female name! She's the anti-heroine so to speak. Can't really blame her, can kind of identify with her, but in the end - she still went down the wrong path. Poor Demona.

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice- Or, Fitswilliam Darcy. Ah, Mr. Darcy. What's not to love? Titled with money intact. Passionately in love. Easy on the eye. Adores the one he loves.

And I really debated on the last one, but I decided on:

Dot from Animaniacs. Hehehe. I wanted to grow to be like her. Sadly, that never happened. I still hold her as a role model. ;) Independent. Smart and sassy. Just so fun and happy, but with much depth. :D

I'm not quite sure how this works, but these are the rules if you would like to play.

1. Comment on this post and ask for a letter.
2. I will give you one.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters on your blog.


  1. Oh, you did good! Seconding Darcy in a very big way. And Dot from Animaniacs is inspired.

  2. Err... Does this mean I'm volunteering? Gimme an easy letter okay?!

  3. Tumperkin - Thank you! Teehee. I'm actually rather proud of myself in this, since I sat for a while and drew up a blank for like...forever! Then all of a sudden, them menz accosted me and wanted recognition. ;) Ah, Dot. She rocks! Thank you for letting me play :D

    Aymless - Yes, you should volunteer because I would have made sure you did :P. How about...G ? ;)

  4. Good job! I'm playing this game, too. I got the letter 'J' from Stacy. I already have my list made... will post it soon! :)

  5. Oh. I almost forgot. I tagged you for a meme on my blog to celebrate Banned Book Week. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. No worries! =)

  6. Christine- Wooo! Can't wait to see yours! :D And, I played. ^_^