Monday, September 29, 2008

LK's BED Effect: a new link section

While I was happily irritated with trying to change a new template for this blog as well as trying to delete some accounts for the sake of safety and sanity, a little thought rock dropped on my head. With the last week of emotional shifts on this tiny planet called *ahem*, I felt the need to pool this odd net connection and kind of have a small section as an acknowledgement called:
The Lisa Kleypas' Blue-Eye Devil Effect. Or, The LK's BED Effect.

I could abreviate more, but then it may get confused with my love of TUTGBBMCSMB. Although it'll be a bit of a stretch. ;)

As the title suggests, Lisa Kleypas' book, Blue-Eyed Devil has been a story that touched the hearts and lives of more people than I care to count. The ripple effect of this book clearly illustrates the intense strength and importance of the romance genre.

So far, I've linked the main ones I've seen and was most affected by. Not exactly sure what I'm actually going to do with it. Maybe leave it there until I'm ready to let it go. Not too sure. Please let me know if there are more links I should add. :)

All in all, I had a great weekend. Mellow and hot, I realized how much money I've actually been spending on things. Very scary. So, I've given myself a goal. Go out more! This way, I'll stop buying things by telling myself "I should get ______ because I'll never know when I'll get the chance to go out again." O_o Although, books...well, that's a necessity. Ssssoooooooonnnnnnn...

How was everyone's weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. BED was such a powerful book. Kleypas is a genius. I was moved to the tips of my toes. Why isn't she coming to the Emerald City Writers Conference when she lives here??? I WANT TO SEE HER!!!

    My weekend was lovely. Mt. Rainier. Hiking. Away from the evil internet. *grin*

  2. I sooo loved BED! Great book!

    Don't you hate it when you realize - after the fact - how much money you've been spending. Never pretty on my end! lol

  3. Ciara - What are you talking about? We were there together with Wendy at RWA where I just went nutso and cried the whole time!!! You already live in the same STATE! ;)
    Wooo, mountains. Hiking. So fun - wanna go to mountains *pout*. Evil internet? *gasp* ^_~

    Tracy - LOL, I don't even realize how much I'm spending when everythings digital. Then this weekend, I tried using cash thinking I'll be able to save it for some time and then whoosh, it's almost all gone!!! And I didn't even do that much!

    BED. *sigh* Soon. Very soon. Once I'm outta here.

  4. Yeah, sure I met her once. I want to meet her AGAIN! :) Maybe next year she'll be our keynote speaker. one can always hope. Maybe I should suggest that? Yes, I think I will. This year it's Julia Quinn.

  5. Me need book too! *sigh*

    Overall it was good weekend. Ate myself silly, went to see friend's chalk art at local festival and well... ate myself silly *g*

  6. Ciara - LOL, I know what you mean. At least you're in the same state and might even run into each other at the store or something! ;) Yea, I'm day dreaming a bit. :D Woo, Julia Quinn is a great speaker. I want to hear Lisa Kleypas too!

    Aymless - Eat yourself silly? Gah? How is that possible? It's food! You're never too silly for food. :D Chalk art? As in, street art? Books...need books. Now I feel like a zombie saying books instead of brains. >_<

  7. I love your idea of LK's BED effect. I think it's a great idea to leave it linked in your sidebar until you're ready to let it go.

  8. CJ- Neither can I!

    Christine - After all the stuff going on goes on, I gonna write a paper on the wonderful LK BED effect. Teehee. Yeah, it'll be on the side bar for a while. :)