Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More torture.

Ana and Thea are still torturing me (among others out there) with the more Lisa Kleypas love.

CJ even did guest/dare review of Sugar Daddy yesterday. :D Today's Blue Eyed Devil.

Maybe it's because Lisa Kleypas is such a great writer, maybe it's the wonderful reviews Ana and Thea always does. Maybe it's the cold medicine pumping through my system while I slave away at work, but I feel like crying. Happy tears. Such happy tears.

No, I haven't read those two yet. Yes, I have the books. What am I waiting for? When I'm finally on my own and can weep to my hearts content. Something to look forward to and waiting for me until I'm free and ready.


  1. (((((HUGS)))))

    You'll be parental unit free soon! (and I might actually have another job soon too!).

  2. Aymless - Awesome!!! Then we can visit/hang out more! Whee!!! You can tell me all about it over the weekend. When we have free minutes :P

  3. Hey alys, just to let you know, Lisa Kleypas replied to your comment ; )

    go check it out!

  4. Ana - Ah!!! Thank you for telling me. I swear I was staring at that for like an hour before I took another hour to write anything sensible. This is so great and exciting! Thank you and Thea for doing LK week. Happiest week in blogland ever! :D

  5. CJ- I'm the lucky one. My puppy loves me. :D