Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nalini Singh at DIK Island

As the title suggests, the very talented Ms. Nalini Singh has joined the DIK ladies for a three day (everyone thinks it's only three days...*cackles*) interview done by Amy and I (mostly Amy, but I hope you're all ready for a bit of a shock...*wicked smile*).

Please drop by, have a drink and enjoy all the fun!

To anyone has been wondering why I keep calling Nalini Singh Ms. Nalini rather than Nalini or Ms. Singh, here's a bit of clarification:

I was raised by my Wai Po (maternal Grandmother) for most of my youth and if I had gained anything from her was to be respectful. In American culture, it is customary to call people by their first names despite age differences as an elimination of status gaps and familiarity. By using a 'ms.' with a first name, I am trying to show respectful familiarity. It has nothing to do with one's martial status and everything to do with a personal preference. Also, I felt she would be more understanding than most people in this somewhat Asian formality of an honorific.

No, she isn't the only one I use this reference to, but Ms. Nalini is one of the few I directly call/write as such. A few other individual also have this formality reserved, but I usually call them that in my head. Also, a few are different types of respect so don't go thinking I have some order or list (*quickly crumples a sheet of paper and pops into mouth, starts chewing with a grimace*)

Being Chinese American is odd sometimes, of course, it doesn't help that I feel I'm black. <~~ a whole 'nother conversation that I'm still working out.


  1. LOL You're both adorable and quirky. I love you.

    .... in a purely platonic, sisterly, bff kind of way, of course. I'm too old for you otherwise. ... and too married. LOL ;P

    I totally understand your reasoning for using Ms. Nalini. The fact that you put the Ms. before a first name and not the last name is simultaneously respectful and endearing. My husband's family (who are Filipino use titles before first names to denote respect and generation. Due to age gaps and large families on my husband's side, there are little ones who should refer to me as Lola Chrissy where Lola = grandma. I DON'T THINK SO!!!! I'm not even 40 yet. Sheesh! Yet, I totally understand your use of Ms. =)

    But please just call me Christine or Chrissy without the Ms. I want to feel as young and as 'equal' as possible. =)

  2. Christine- You are too funny! Of course I see you as an older sister/equal-ish friend. :D
    As gorgeous as you are, we're not that suited...especially with the sibling feelings. >_< LOL.

    Thank you for your compliments! *blushes* And especially for your understanding/friendship. Love you lots too! :)

    Ah, I totally feell ya in the family situation. Years ago, when I'd barely reach high school, some of the children from the extended family would have to call me auntie. ~_~ Not fun.

    Christine or Chrissy is what I call you in my head! See? ;) And you are young. Why would you think otherwise? Pu-leash.