Sunday, September 21, 2008

short update

Things are sort of in **** mode right now and I'm trying to deal with this the best I can.

In a nutshell; usual probs friend except all at once, work issues, weirdo attactions (I am actually getting especially sick of this one), money (who doesn't), and some past blemishes deciding to swell into the present and taint with their pretty colors.

Saw some face cream worth one grand and really wanted to try it just to see if I'll reverse age and turn me into an infant (what? they said anti-aging). Bought something else - much cheaper thank you very much. Think I'm going to start blogging about skincare.

Was discriminated against. Again. Screw them - never going to California Pizza Kitchen again. The f***ards.

Staying away from the library a bit for 'causing problems.' Eh, I talk too much and really should just check out more books instead of sitting on the floor reading and refusing to leave.

Need to stop watching TV to numb my brain: I'll miss Law and Order CI - no cable, Gray's Anatomy may be unrealistic - it's still addictive, Heroes - 'nuf said, Bones - season start's kind o disappointing, NSIC/CSI - gruesome yet addictive, and need Life to start now. Gossip Girl, although interesting makes me creeped out for it's 'high school' contents. I must of been really missing out in my day. Simpsons...mmmm.....

No more traumatizing movies please. Pan's Labyrinth. Last of the Mohicans.

Want to do something, but don't know what. Need change. The good kind please.

Do you think 15 years is too big of a difference for relationships? I really do, yet read lots of romance with that. Was usually okay, but kind of makes me feel...gross. What's the max age difference you may be able to accept?


  1. Oh, so sorry! I'll hold a good thought that you get a GREAT change soon.

  2. Tell those library people to be nicer to you! Although I am afraid you do have to leave when they close up for the day. Nothing I can do about that.

  3. CJ- Thanks! I certainly hope so. :D

    Wendy - I know, if only I could live in the library, right? ;)

  4. I used to find places to spend my time like that, too. I think it's how I started learning about a lot of different crafts. I would spend hours at the craft store just dreaming up projects or reading how-to books. I don't know why I didn't think of the library back then. Maybe I was tired of reading/studying so much after college. ::shrug::

    I think the older you get, the smaller an age difference of 15 years makes. I really try not to judge anyone or any situation--everyone's different.


  5. You too? Recently, I was reading a book and it hit me, I want to try clay sculpting so I bought some. Then, as I was running around at the crafts store, I started getting inspired to work with my hands. :D

    I agree, it depends on the people. I try not to judge until they start approaching me, if you know what I mean.
    *hugs* Miss ya!

  6. Sorry things are rough right now. Hopefully it will all work itself out soon.

    15 years? It depends on the two people. It also depends on how old they are. 40 and 55? No prob at all. 18 and 33? I would have issues with that. I have done a 14 year difference. It was... interesting. I was 30 and he was 44. Sadly, I was the more mature and relationship oriented of the two.

  7. Shannon- Thank you! :) I hope things will start looking up soon.
    I agree. 33 going for the 18 year old is rather...ugh. Actually, age aside, I feel women tend to be more mature in most of the relationships anyhow. >_<