Monday, September 15, 2008

what you want vs what you're good at

Something struck me the other, literally.

The massive mess of a room I reside in was being shuffled around as usual and of course that warrants the scattered sheets of papers containing my scribbles. As a nice one subject college rule notebook decided to flutter down from the paper volcano of a desk landing on my head as I was bent cleaning under my bed, I decided to take a pause - while clearing my bloodly vision and read a few of my writings.

Never a good idea. They can be just as addictive as reading a book. Except, not in the same way.

Aside from cringe at the insanity that was my writing, I've come to a rather disgruntled realization. I. Suck. At. Writing. Romance.

Instead, my greatest (I use that word lightly since my writing samples really are a bit horrific) writing pieces were satires, irony, or subtle yet crazy humor. Yeah. I can't seem to write romance. Nooooooooooooo~~~~ There goes that dream I never even realized I had. Not that I wanted to write romance, but I just never thought it would be that bad. Like... Really bad!

The worst part of it was that when I wrote whatever it was, I was also sincerely serious. Gah they were bad.

Guess if I ever should go into a writing career *scoffs*, I'd stay away from romance. Yet somehow, that thought makes me really sad.


How do you choose between something you want to do and something you're good at?

P.S. Found out blogs weren't blocked at work. Heheheh. Going to try to surf more often, but with current workload. Le sigh.


  1. Hey you! Yeah I've had that happen and honestly I suck at romance too which is why I'm so happy Urban Fantasy is really big right now!

  2. My writing is so different from my personality. I like writing dark, angsty stories and characters that are f'ed up.
    Go Urban Fantasy!

  3. Sarai - You too? It's like I want to write romance, but the words just don't come out. Bleh!!! Urban fantasy, you say. Hehe.

    Katiebabs - you and your scary angsty stories. Urban fantasy yet again. Is this like a sign? LOL.

    It's cuz the National Writing Month is coming up. November. I want to challenge myself, but I suck!!! >_< Maybe I should stick with comedy. But even Urban Fantasy, I want to write romance!!! Gah!

  4. OMG I, too, suck at writing. But unlike yourself I suck at writing anything! lol At least it's just romance you feel you can't do. Work with the other! :)

  5. Get another opinion. Best thing I ever did was get a crit partner. It's a commitment but worth it.

    I'm still really really slow and nowhere near finishing my labour of love but I've learned heaps from it.

  6. Oh I'm so in the boat of "can't write to save my life", well if it isn't a technical document. Since I really do write for a living. Its just that no one really WANTS to read what I write.

    I want job were all my tons of useless facts would be useful and I'm good with remembering them. The more useless it is the better I remember. *g*

  7. Two votes for was I'm good *cough cough* at. ;)

    Tracy - you write just fine from what I see! ^_^

    Tumperkin - I used to do that with a few friends...that's when they first voiced at how "cute" and "funny" my writing was. So my character was duck! That didn't me she was a happy duck. *pout*
    Ah, the love labours. I guess I did learn from my horrid writings. :)

  8. Aymless - I don't see why not ;) A book of random knowledge. Hey! I'm sure there's something like that out "bet you didn't know..." Do it, do it. You know awesome cool stuff!
    Haven't read your papers before, so no comment. And your reviews are sooooooooooo much better than mine. :P

  9. I have the same issue *g* I want to write but don't think I can do romance. I lean more towards funny.
    I guess the answer is write what feels most comfortable and then still enjoy READING romance.

  10. Kristie- Hmmm...good idea. I really should just sit down and write. Who knows, maybe the tons of romance I read will seep into my brain. ;) Probably not. Hahaha