Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thinking thinking...too much tihnking

Or not enough.

I've been thinking a lot lately, but never seem to get pass the thinking. Yet when I act, I don't think I quite think through my decisions.

Thinking so much that I'm no longer thinking. Jumbling mass of thoughts with no coherenty.

So many things to write, but the words just don't seem to come. So much to do and never know what to do or not enoughmoney or lack of timing.

I was going to go into blog hybernation, but I caved and was surfing at work. >_< Bought stuff I shouldn't have and didn't buy stuff I should have. Need to just save money under current economic situation.

My sample ballot came in and now I'm deciding if I should vote by mail or just go the day of.


If I'm a little slow in posting, don't worry. Doing some thinking. Hahaha.

Also, I'm reading a self help book. *gasp* I know. Having actually studied psych and read a lot of other self help books, I'm usually completely skeptical and critical of this type of books in general. This author, though, is really hitting me.

The Nice Girl Syndrome: Stop being manipulated and abused and start standing up for yourself
by Beverly Engel

It actually reminds me of a LOT of romance heroines and rather than annoy me, this author is presenting some really good points and possibilities. Even with disagreements, this book is helping me already: letting me know I'm not alone.

Going to write about it eventually. I'm still slowly moving through this book. I love my library. :D Horray to the Super Librarian.


  1. My colleague one cubicle over is actually responsible for buying that book. I'll be sure to tell her thank you ;-)

    I'm going to have another list for you soon - probably in a couple of weeks.

  2. What an interesting book. Let us know what some of the important parts are.

  3. Is the librarian in your local library THE Super Librarian aka Wendy?!

    Thinking is always good. Reading an inspiring and helpful book like The Nice Girl Syndrome and then thinking is definitely always good. I hope it helps you.


  4. It does sound like an interesting book. Definitely let us know your thoughts when you're done. :)

  5. Wendy- Tell her thank you, but you're still awesome!

    Sarai - Oh, for sure! It's not only helpful I am seriously seeing how a lot of the traditional heroine stereotypes developed. ;)

    Chrissy- The Super Librarian is in charge of getting books to all my local libraries. :D And she's only 1 city away! ^_^ It's helping already, thank you! *hugs*

    Tracy- Definitely. I'm nothing if not opinionated. ;)