Thursday, November 13, 2008

First poll!!!!

NaNoWriMo is killing me. More like, my characters' continued tightlipped mockery of not telling me anything expect when I'm wrong is driving me insane.

So, as the poll suggests...what is Damien, the sheep?
a) Ordinary Shapeshifter sheep- like them werewolves and whatnot (darn you KB for putting this idea into my head! *shakes fist*).

b) Demon in the form of a sheep- as it said, demon...sheep.

c) Human cursed as sheep (enchanted like a frog, curse can be broken)- Think cursed prince, enchanted frog. He's a human, but cursed. Think fairytale

d) Or plain old talking sheep- More fantasy with those talking animal familiars.

I've already asked around and I have three votes already. Let me know what you think. Feel free to comment.

Oh, and keep in mind, this is a happy story. Sorta.

Edit: Additional votes not on poll:
Three votes to (a).
One vote to (c)


  1. Enchanted sheep!!!
    My Valli Nyx is suxh a bitch to me. Sometimes she rambles on and doesn't make any sense. That is why I am torturing her now. heh heh.

  2. 1 vote for enchanted. :D
    I got 3.5 votes for the normal shifter and another vote for sheep familiar.
    This is so hard! That darn sheep keeps changing the story on me. I'd be writing, writing, thinking, writing and then----it doesn't make sense cuz he's all like "you're writing it wrong so i'm not tell you anything anymore." The dragon's much easier since Aurora keeps him in line. Kate's a hoot though. She's just as confused as I am.

    What are you doing to Valli Nyx? Torture how? O_o Aren't you worried she's gonna keep you awake late into the night?