Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Minor update

Things are a bit busy and crazy right now. Am going into my cave for a bit. Well, I'll still be blog hopping (cuz not is too painful), but probably won't be commenting as regularly. Stuff.
NaNo is going better. Still low on wordcount and no way of catching up, but my characters are at least talking to me. I still want to whine about it though. Hahaha. I'm finding it easier to think up ideas, but realized that the 2 years of slacking off has really taken a toll on my writings skills, language, and vocabulary. I have half a mind to memorize the dictionary. What? I used to read it for fun. Yes, I'm weird. If you don't have an encyclopedia, pre-wikipedia, and no live...ya read the dictionary.
Finally bought a book after 3 months of abstaining (no, I'm not counting pre-orders, they were done beforehand). I know, I freak myself out too. Still, I really want to move out and every bit helps. Now if only the apartments would go a few hundred dollars cheaper...
Current tie between "Sheep Shifter" and "Enspelled/Enchanted Sheep." Teehee.
Now, a totally cute picture with no apparent reason.


  1. How about the title- "The Enspelled?"
    You are doing great! Your story and characters sound fabulous. Screw the word count.

  2. LOL, I think I should have a title like, "The Enspelled Sheep's Redheaded Savior." *chuckles*