Sunday, November 9, 2008

recent recap

Crazy week.

With holidays, I'm getting deadlines and increase in workload. Surprisingly, a lot of my co-workers are not as busy. It either means I'm falling behind, or I'm falling behind. Okay, okay, it could be because I worry more and try to make sure things are done. Besides, I'm going to be on pins until my review. Oh the stress.

Also with the holidays: presents. Not for me (boo!), but friends are expecting presents and I have no idea what to give them. We usually make presents and exchange, but I don't have that much flexibility in time anymore. Need to think on it some more.

Last week, my paternal grandma was sent to the emergency room and had to be kept over night for observation. She's one stubborn woman, like the rest of the family of course. They almost had to forcibly take her because she kept insisting she was fine. Already released Friday so it should be good. Now we just need to make sure she takes her meds. She insists that she doesn't need them. *sigh* What is it with grandparents and self medicating. Grandpa takes half the dose he needs for his meds and refused to stay with any of us the night Grandma was in the hospital. These stubborn people are driving me nuts. How come I didn't inherit this stubbornness? It'll make moving out faster.

I was going car searching this weekend, but I'm opting for next week. Things came up and vegged indoors.

Friends have been going to rallies and I'm hoping to make it to one this upcoming week. :) I kind of miss those days.

Nano is going dismally. I seriously pat myself on the back if I can churn out one sentence, BUT I am learning a lot already: my strengths and weakness, a few techniques and what I'll need to prep for next time. See, I'm already thinking about next time. It's exciting and I'm going to try my best to see this through. :)

I'm hoping this week will be better. How's everyone doing?

BTW, I'm at DIK. :D


  1. Oh, what a weekend! I hope your grandmother gets well soon.

  2. It was nuts, but I honestly did nothing. Don't know how that works. >_< She'll be fine if she just listen to the doctor and take her meds. Grandmas. *sigh*