Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Right to Vote; Iron Jawed Angels

I voted, have you?


The year I turned 18, I made sure to register. Despite my conservative and traditional family/background, politics and political discussions has always been a part of my life. My grandparents, parents, relatives from all over the world; politics is in our blood. And yes, politics were discussed at dinner tables, during dessert and arguments after the tables were cleared.

Given that my historical background also came from a time when my Grandparents were NOT allowed to vote; the right and ability to a safe vote was even more empowering.

My deceased Grandparents voted when they were still alive. My Grandfather even now, in his 80s, rode his bike and casted his vote today. No absentee for him, no way. Going itself was a great privilege, right, and responsibility. Grandmother does not in the US because she cannot read English. Having already self-taught Chinese (both grandmas did since women never passed elementary back in the day) was admirable enough for me. She's still involved though.

So, today, I woke up at 6AM to prep for the day. The gentle patters of the rain invigorated me and I rushed out to the polls a few minutes before 7AM. Even though there was a line, I happily waited. Tummy in knots from excitement (and hunger...too early...no breakfast yet, vote more important), it took nearly a 30minute wait in the chilly morning drizzling air back at a childhood horror site *coughschoolcough*, but it was worth it. And I shall wear my sticker proudly.

I voted. :D

Now...this movie is my all time favorite self-encouraging-to-get-involved movie; Iron Jawed Angels (Like my color scheme? ^_~). It makes me proud to not only be able to vote, but also because I am an American minority and a female (also seen as a minority). Whale Rider is another great movie, in case you're feeling low.

If there has ever been an argument on the right to vote and the horrors between pre-Antebellum era through the Civil Rights movement does not move you to get out and vote, this piece of reconstructed movie about the early women's movement in gaining the right for a woman to have her say in the very same legal system she must adheres makes you laugh, cry, and ultimately empowered.

Iron Jawed Angels assembled an incredible cast to portray the early fight for women's right to vote. This HBO movie was one of the best stylized and authentic telling of the struggle for the vote. Based on the historical fight in America for women to safely vote, it's rather accurated.
When you have a chance-listen to the commentary (as I have done countless time because I'm like that) and you'll hear the great effort and realism of the movie. A lot of the voice over dialogue and arguments against the right for women to vote were actual documented speeches and writings, so no, it's not an overblown chick flick.
Ergo, if the rush of adrenaline, excitement and sense of accomplishment for having to voted was not enough, watch this movie. :D


  1. I also stood in line in the rain this morning :-) All told, it took me about 40 minutes. My Man voted this afternoon (around 2PM) and he was in and out. No line. No waiting. No people. So at least in my neighborhood it sounds like it's only going to be nuts during "peak hours."

    I always tell people that I vote in every single election because it was less than 100 years ago that the men of this country thought women were too stupid and addle-brained to enjoy the privilege. I like making my one tiny voice be heard.

  2. I have a friend who is female and not voting. I feel like smacking her over the head because she has no clue that we as women have not had the right for vote for even 100 years :(

  3. I vote absentee! I never know where I'm gonna be on election day.

    KB: Don't ask Alice about her sister.

  4. Wendy - I think it was like that in my area two. Darn peak hours. >_<
    Good for you! *pumps fist* It is such a privilege. :)

    KB - Me too! I have people around me where I really just want to grab them and shake some sense into their heads in how important this is.

    Amyless - I'm thinking absentee in the future as well.
    Hush about my sis. She was saving lives. ;)