Saturday, November 15, 2008

SoCal Get together adventure

Before I go into a rant about how much fun I had meeting up with the SoCal bloggers/readers, I just wanted to updated a little 'adventure' today because of the meet up.

Currently, I am spending the night at Rosie's along with Wendy and the Man whom evacuated from one of the many SoCal fires. We're all safe and alive. The Super Librarian will update as will Rosie on their take, but I'm very happy we're all safe.

To come here, both Wendy and I needed to pass through a few of the fires. Wendy and the Man evacuated and met up with the rest of us that could make the meet. Rosie (of course), Tracy, Lori, and Niki. I came a bit early and drove past the beginning of a small smoke puff. Apparently, with the wind situation, it exploded after I had left; thus the evacuation for my fav. librarian and her man.

The freeways are still closed and the few opened are too jammed. So, we're having a bit of a part. Well, no, we're actually just sitting around and watching the news.

It's all a bit intense and shell shocking, but being alive is good. My family's all doing well too, except they were a bit peeved I had driven so far in the first place. Too bad. I like having friends. I know, they're just worried. Having me as a child is no easy feat.

In the meantime, we'll see what happens. Please don't worry. We're all doing fine. Me probably more than others since I'm young and think I'm invincible. Okay, I'm just bamming.

Although, this does put a days dent in my NaNo writing process. And my journal! Dangit. My dog too. Now, I'm going to wonder off and be lost in Rosie's vast book collection. Or watch TV. Whichever's more distracting.

Peace out. *kisses*


  1. OMG!!! I kind of sort of knew there were fires out there but as I haven't watched the news lately I didn't realize they were so bad!! I'm glad you all got out of there and that Rosie is hosting you all!! And I'm so envious that you all get to get together again!!
    I'll be looking forward to further details.

  2. Hey you guys! Good luck. Stay safe! I hope you have a good time together.

  3. Oh My I'm with Kristie I kind of sort of knew where they were! I'm glad you are all okay. Stay safe and keep us updated

  4. There were fires? I really to escape from my hidey-hole, aka the aymless-cave, more often or at least listen to the news.

    Glad that you are fine. I hope your books are too!

    Aren't parents a pain sometimes. My mom's pressuring me to move back home again. It wouldn't be so bad if my friends were closer or if she didn't drive me insane so often.

  5. Kristie- It's all good. We have great firefighters here and it's all good. Rosie was wonderful and all in all, it was a great day. Book swap was awesome. :)

    Katie- Totally! ^_^

    CJ- Yup and yup. If only all of you could join. ;)

    Sarai- For sure. Wendy has the better updates. I just sneak on. ^_~

    Amy- No worries. The caves are necessary every now and then. I'm doing great; only air quality issues. Otherwise, I hug my books to me. :)
    Yeah, parents. *sigh* I know they're concerned, but it's really annoying.

  6. KB- What? Firefighers not good? *blinks*

  7. I meant shudder as in, "oh I am shuddering all over in lust."