Tuesday, December 2, 2008

after a minor lurk mode

To make things easier, I've input easy read bold words. You can skim to what you want to read. ^____^ Yes, I think I'm getting brattier too.

Thanksgiving- I hope everyone had a wonderful time eating, resting, sleeping, or working. What am I thankful for. Lots of things; food, books...um...food. ^_~ Nah, I have lots I'm very happy for and especially being able to meet all of you. I have no idea why any of you would consider me a friend given that I'm really really odd and weird, but I'm extremely happy for your friendship. One day, I'm sure that badge of annoyance certificate shall be used and given to me by you, so here it is. ^_~

(angry little girls are really cute)

Recent reads:

I read Only With Your Love by Lisa Kleypas. It was Ciaralira's fault, but I liked it well enough. A bit old style (obviously), but it was good. Hmm...pirates. Not my usual thing though.

My friend lent me Densha Otoko/Train Man. Based on an actual event where the author basically compressed and reproduced the actual forum postings.

A geek seeks help from his online friends and learned to grow into a confident individual in his first relationship. It's pretty sweet and although perverse (as all men are and incredibly more so there, but obviousle cleaned up in the book version), this a great look at the new wave of the techno/internet revolution and interconnectiveness of the current global connection. Or in short, internet can be helpful too. Not the crazy bad kind, but the genuinely sincere and kind people all being connected through the global net.

Yes, A Mermaid's Kiss. I decided to see what all the mermaid physiology discussion was about and I must say, this is rather interesting. A bit long and parts where I wouldn't have minded being cut, but other times, very well placed information injections. Great retelling of a story and very interesting world concept.

Overall, my feelings are conflicted. Not about the mermaid part, but the writing/style. It's both refreshing, yet...something feels off. I've reread this book countless times and I cannot pinpoint it. Eventually, I'll write a review, but in the meantime, I'm really looking forward to the next book, A Witch's Beauty(want it now). Again, given my hesitancy about this book, the next would either be really good, or follow with the current trend. Besides, I have several things figured out already and I can sort of guess the possibilities. Then...it'll fall back to my current predicament. We'll see.


The Simpsons Movie.

I'm always behind on things since I never followed trends. The problem with going at your own pace is to be behind in almost everything. Nonetheless, this was a great movie. Border sales hurrah. :D Now I have the songs of Spider Pig in my head. Doomed Irish romances, but not so doomed this time. And missing the old days of more hardcore aspects of The Simpsons.

Seriously, I'm still singing the Spider Pig song in my head. LOL. It is a sweet and well done film based on the series. Some underlying themes, some dramatic moments and lots of comedy. Definitely enjoyed this more than I thought I would. :)

Things weren't all relaxation and fun. My dog was sick over the break. At one point, at night, she would leap off into my boxes and piles of books only to crash onto the floor in an attempt to go downstairs and out into the yard. Usually, she just nudges me. She's all better now, but it certainly freaked me out. She did it three separate times with me throughout the evening. Again several times during the next day. Mom, Sis and I had to take turns shoving meds down her throat. Literally because she kept spitting it out. My poor baby was so exhausted she slept through an entire day. No worries though, she's all better now. :)


I did not reach the goal. I didn't even reach my own goal and have hit the biggest block ever. Still going to try to finish the story and am very happy I participated. I've learned so much already, especially about my writing skills, techniques and to realize how much more effort I need to put into writing. Daydreaming is great and easy; writing is gruesome and hard, but all the more fun. I really look forward to learning even more as I continue this horrid attempt at a story as well as future attempts to write random crazy stories.

Big shout out to KB for your endless support and emails. :) I know I was getting whiny and crazy. That darn sheep. O_o
Any suggested reading for inspiration? I need to talk with my muses.

Bitter, me?

No way.

Okay, maybe slightly. All right, I'm incredibly bitter at times. Only at certain times.

My friend informed me that I don't let go of things, then said my attempts at moving on were merely trying to forget.

So I have over 20 years of pent up anger, injustice, and outright bitterness. I don't hold grudges. I really don't. I'm not the vengeful type anymore than I would talk crap about bad things. I happen to say things as I see them. Yes, truth hurts and not many want to hear them, but I do try to live to my principles. It's getting harder though. As I'm getting older, I've begun to realize how hypocritical this society is; all the double standards, the injustices, and outright prejudice. It takes me longer to deal with certain things, yes, but in most cases, I rarely get effected that much. How to put it? It's really hard to get on my bad side, you actually have to be working extremely hard to get there, but given how it's so hard to enter my 'bad list,' it must have been some severe crap in my eyes.

Yes, other people deal with the same things. A lot of people have had to deal with worse. I'm just trying the best way I can. Of course, when I asked around on a) am I extremely bitter and b) how should I deal with it- people answer yes and don't know.

Hmm...this seems to be making me more bitter now. Dang. Talk about reverse effect. >_<

Random musings:
Trying to move out during a recession is hard, but not impossible.
A work in progress.
Worried about keeping my job and maintaining an income.
Should be fine with my puny savings.

Reading slumps suck.
Want to read something innovative, interesting and uplifting.
And romance.
Can't seem to stop from being so picky though.

I love Border, but they are usually full price and there are never enough coupons.
I'm hesitant to buy from Amazon.com given their current trend of problems and disrespect.
Barnes and Nobles are sometimes okay, other times...also problematic.
Love used, but need to support authors when possible.
Where to buy and save?


  1. That is so thoughtful to steer away from used to support authors. I try to do like that, but now and then I'll get a used. Usually the super successful ones. Because they don't need it as bad.

    I'll be interested to read your thoghts on Mermaid! Chin up, LA, don't feel bad about Nano. Everybody has a different way of writing and a different rate of output.

  2. CJ- Awww, you're too sweet. The truth is, there's actually very very few used bookstores around here. Very few. Of the handful are libraries (which are awesome) and some religious ones. And I agree, the more popular writers...I don't feel the need to purchase it at a bookstore. Used is good. Mainly cuz I'm not usually that into them. >_<

    Yeah, that Mermaid. Very interesting for sure.

    *hugs* Thanks, I'm happy I tried and hope to continue. Just being lazy now. LOL.

  3. You are in a very reflective mood, no? One thing getting older does for you is constantly remind you that nothing stays the same...even when you are trying to keep things the same. Change is always around the corner.

    It's a new day. Anything is possible.

  4. Rosie- Change is so hard sometimes though, but yes, it is inevitable. Change is good too. I am just being pestered by this cloud saying I'm overly bitter. *pouts*
    It's a new day. Anything is possible.
    I hope so. :) Thanks!

  5. Hmm, I've never read a mermaid book, but I am curious how they...procreate ;)

    I'm with you. I tend to steer away from used book stores unless I'm looking for a book over 2 years old. If I buy it on Amazon, chances are I'm buying from a used book store anyway so it's nice to save on shipping and support local store owners.

  6. Katie- You should give it a shot. Definitely an interesting book. >_< There's a few reviews out there on KB's and CJ, I think MK had brought it to all of our attentions.

    Yeah, those older ones, I get Used. The new-I-must-have-now, I get new. Although, I've been spurging a little lately. Boookkkssss. Good point about the local business. I like that. :)