Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Italian Gourmet-Baby-Food Baron’s Ironically Pregnant Virgin Mistress

A little late, but:
If you haven't heard already, then you really must be living in a cave somewhere deep in the crevis of the ocean floor.
Those whom I proudly claim aquantence and friendship with (whether they want to or not) have created another wonderful series... He needed children for an advertising campaign. . .
All Cesar Machismo wants is to ensure the bambinos of the world experience the flavor explosion of his company’s newest baby-food, Thai Shrimp in Peanut Dressing. But when he goes to an orphanage looking for a new spokes-baby, he finds twins with eyes the color of pureed Cornish game hens. Mama Mia! He must take them home!
What he got was a ready-made family!
Content with her lot in life, Chastity Bliss slaves for her stepmother at the orphanage. This way she stays with her babies, though she can never acknowledge them. When Cesar adopts her twins, she follows as their nanny. What can she do? She has no choice, because though he doesn’t know it . . .
Cesar is their father!
Go read at:
December 15th - Carolyn Jean posts chapter 1
December 16th - Ann Aguirre posts chapter 2
December 17th - Tumperkin posts chapter 3
December 18th - Bettie Sharpe posts chapter 4
December 19th - Carrie Lofty posts chapter 5
December 20th - Meljean Brook posts chapter 6
December 21st - Kate Rothwell posts chapter 7
December 22nd - Lorelie Brown posts chapter 8
December 23rd - Dionne Galace posts all 8 chapters
You'll be glad you did. ^_____^


  1. Oh, hey! Wow! Thanks for the shout! Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL, thank you for writing that great first chapter. ^___~
    I do love this.

  3. Hey, can you read Bettie's chapter now?

  4. Yup, it's working great. Of course, after the initial "omg can't read" day-I went to Tumperkin's to read. Teehee.

    I do love this series. Now, everytime I'm reading a HP, I keep thinking about Niko and Molly and Cesaer and Charity.

    Too funny. :D