Monday, December 1, 2008

Realization hits

when you're partially down the toilet...

(My sister's baby. Isn't he adorable?)

My first NaNoWriMo and I've already learned a whole lot.

1. I'm great at imitating someone else's writing style, but have yet to discover my own. Back in the days of school papers, one learns rather quickly to adapt and write what teacher want to hear. It's less about 'learning,' and more about 'conforming.' Granted, I was luckily to have the handful of teachers and professors to encourage my own skills. Sadly, a few years of being beaten down by social expectations does tend to make one forget her own skills. The problem is; how do I relearn what I've forgotten?

2. Outlines are a lot different when you actually write from them. People can tell you all they want what should be on an outline, but only you will know what you need to be on the outline before you start. P.S. Need character descriptions.

3. Dictionaries and thesaurus. Need them. Carry them. Never let go.

4. Don't start with second person perspective only to realized it should have been in third person.

5. Everyone writes at their own pace, the important thing is to write. BUT, if stuck, grab a piece of paper and write something completely random. Or, better yet, write on how freakin much it sucks to be stuck in a runt and complain endlessly.

6. Wordcount envy is unavoidable despite being happy for friends. *sigh*

7. Write again next year. Or keep writing. :)


  1. I had a problem staying in third person. All of a sudden I would find I am writing in second person. Ugh.
    Keep writing, that is the most important thing, especially if you enjoy it! :D
    You deserve a pat on your back.

  2. I hear ya! You did good though make sure you take a moment to appreciate this: You gave it a try and you discovered new things about yourself. There are a ton of people who would like to do it but never take that first step!
    I'm tripping out b/c its december and I thought we were still in the middle of November? What happened to that month?

  3. *hugs* Hang in there girl! You will continue to hone your own personal writing chops and skilz. Have faith. :)

  4. ((Alice))

    All you writerly folks are great! And there are tons of dictionaries and thesauruses online so if you have internet you no need to carry around! I use them a lot at work.

  5. KB- All these perspective changes are so confusing! O_o How about a virtual hug and we pat each other's back? ^_~ Thank you so much for all your encouragement. :) Couldn't have even gotten this far without bugging you and whining about my sheep. >_< Thanks, Kate!

    Sarai- You gave it a try and you discovered new things about yourself. So true. :) We must try again next year. :D
    What happened to that month?
    I have no idea. X_x I want my month back!

    Sula- *hugs* Thank you so much, I shall try. =) And...Congrats!

    Amy- Join us. Join us. You know you want to. ;D Yes, I'm trying to get me some electronic ones so I don't even need internet to search them up. ^___^ Then again, I'm just dorky enough to enjoy carrying them. *foot nudges a small red dictionary under the couch*