Monday, December 29, 2008

Recent reads

So, I've gone insane and decided to spend to help stimulate the economy with what little pin money I have and read as much as I could.

Sadly, this time, the bunch of books I've read did not really suit my taste. Great writing. Interesting plots and some rather authentic, but I just didn't really click with any of it.

Flower of the Storm by Laura Kinsale
I keep hearing great stuff about her so I looked it up. The blurb looked incredibly interesting and I got it.
Very authentic, great writing techniques. Interesting plot.
Completely not my style.
It was kind of hard finishing it. The heroine irritated me to no end. The hero was great some times and an ass at other times. I am heroine-centric. So, sorry, this didn't work for me. A few times I kept asking myself if I was being shown things or being told and I couldn't quite be sure of one or the other. This happened during a love scene. Which had me pausing in the middle of reading it (at least twice, I think) to ponder it.
The style was to reminiscent of school days and I had trouble being drawn in.
I was kind of saddened by this. I really wanted to like it.

Midsummer Moon by Laura Kinsale
Another Laura Kinsale. I bought it the same time I bought the previous book. I liked the heroine even less in this one despite her quirkiness and uniqueness. The hero had his good moments and had a lot of moments where I was rather "bleh" about.
Again, same problems as previous book.
I really really wanted to like this book. It sounded so interesting and so different. But I kind of got bored with the dramatics and such. Is it bad of me? Probably. I am not one for drama these days.
It was well written and thoroughly believable at times.
I just couldn't get fully into it. There's a whole amnesia bit at the end where I thought it was completely unnecessary and I felt gave me complete moments of disbelief.
Otherwise, a well written book that was just not for me. Again, I don't think I'm going to be reading that controversial one. I'm not emotionally invested enough. I am sad about this.

What a Gentleman Wants by Caroline Linden
I thought this would be a rather lighthearted book.
It wasn't.
I liked the hero well enough. I liked the heroine okay. I liked the secondary characters too. Somehow, though, it didn't seem to all fit together so well.
I don't know why. The writing is okay.
The plot, well, the very end had that minor twist where I just didn't really care for and felt kind of thrown in there.
Something felt missing at times and other times, my mind just started wandering.
It's probably just me. It seemed like a good book.
Interesting plot. A bit different.
Maybe I'm on historical overload.
I know what I am on overload from. Widows. I've read so many widows in stories I'm actually getting a little tired of just seeing it in the back blurb. It actually pisses me off even more when they don't write in the back that she's a widow and "slowly" reveal it halfway in the book. Not here in this particular one, but in a few others. What's wrong with coming out and saying she's a widow? Why is it such a mystery? Or the hero doesn't find out until later on and it's supposed to be so important? I don't get it and frankly, I'm tired of this plot.

A Rake's Guide to Seduction by Carline Linden
Same as above. I thought it would be a funny happy book.
I'm still not quite sure if it was or was not meant to be as such.
A part of it just felt contrived.
Some, I don't even think necessary.
The worst part, at the end, I felt like I was reading an altered/abbreviated version of the previous book.
I feel bad, but I ended up skimming a lot more than I should.
Again, this is all me and I'm just not clicking.
Really love the hero and heroine, but somehow, the story just did not come together for me.
I don't think I'm going to get the third, which makes me sad.

How to Abduct a Highland Lord by Karen Hawkins
This author has always been a bit of a hit or miss of me in most cases. In this case, it was a miss. Of course, one should be suspicious of authors calling themselves goddesses, or gods gift to readers, or something like that. Not really a jab at this particular author, but she does call herself a goddess. I could have read it wrong, but I don't think so.
I swear I feel like I'm on a "want to like it, but really don't" streak and it's incredibly painful.
I wanted to chuck something at the hero every other page.
I wanted to hug the heroine and tell her to cry...or at least chuck something at the hero every other page.
According to the author, this is supposed to be a really funny book. She's big on humor and such.
At times I would read a page and rather than laugh, I'd think "oh, I think this is supposed to be funny." Other times, I did laugh. But mostly at the secondary characters.
So, given I know this was a possibility with this author, I'm probably going to look into the other books and give it a shot. I should have jus ttried the library before purchasing first.


Yeah, I never return books unless it was damaged during shipping.
Which happened.
Just last week.
Books came in.
Half were ruined.
Completely ruined.
Books I wanted to read.
This was not a good start.
On the bright side, you can look forward to these books at the next SoCal Bloggers event.
Unless someone wants it now.
I can send it out. :)
Still, I am a happy girl.
I have tons of books waiting for me AND everyone remembered how much I've been a book obsessed psycho,
I got a few Borders gift cards.
Whoopee! I am going on a shopping spree very very soon.
In the meantime, I hope all of you had a wonderful X-Mas/Winter holiday.
Filled with rest, fun, and family.
And especially good memories. :)
P.S. Kinda been out of the blog loop. Family came to visit. Tons of craziness. Minor dating. And work blehs. New Year is coming up and I'm deciding if I should have a resolution. Like, stop putting life savings into books and don't run away to Scotland for sheep.
So, what's everyone planning for New Years?


  1. Man that is such a bummer that you didn't care for any of the books you got. I went to the store the other day and bought 4 books of new to me authors. I'm a little scared now! lol Hopefully it will work out! :)

  2. You are on a historical kick! Flowers from the Storm is one of my all time favorite romances.

  3. Aw, bad book luck! I've considered that Kinsale, too. Good to hear your thoughts!

  4. You're a better woman than I. I made it to page 150 of Flowers From The Storm and gave up. The heroine annoyed the crap out of me and the writing style was making my eyes bleed and my head hurt. I really disliked it and couldn't make myself finish it.

  5. Wendy: we may have to duel! I loved Flowers so much!!

  6. Tracy- It was, right before X-mas too! Here I was with all this rest time and each book was just not up to the hype. Wooo, new authors. Can't wait for your reviews/recommendations/pimping ^_~.

    KB- Oh yea, historicals. I just got Pamela Clare too cuz you're all raving about her. I am excited. Flowers from the Storm. It's good, but not my cup of tea. Sadly.

    CJ- Kinsale is kinda hardcore, ya know? Reminds me a bit of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, but supposedly more funny. I donno lik book slumps. *pout*

    Wendy- Yeah, she was a bit annoying. I couldn't get into her style of speech at all. The hero was kinda blah too. I just can't seem to get into those books where the hero's banging someone else. >_<

    Oh no, a duel! Whom shall be your seconds? Gah, I have been reading too many historicals. LOL

  7. Katie: No need for a duel (although I like the idea of having a second....). I know my non-love for Kinsale makes me an ignorant slut ;-)

  8. Thanks Alice. Will avoid said books since we mostly agree.

    I kinda have to go with Wendy on the Kinsale. I read her some a while back. Mostly unmemorable. I had a roommate who was totally in love with her but it didn't click for me either. (sorry KB).

  9. I've been out of the blog loop for awhile, too, Alice. Don't worry--everyone understand and is still there whenever you're ready to hop around again. :)

    Too bad about not liking the books you've been reading so much. But I am happy to hear you're doing a little dating. Good company is good for your soul!

  10. I hate when that happens then to get an order in and they be ruined UGH. Here's to hoping you get the new ones back in excellent condition and soon.
    let us know what you are doing with the giftcards LOL

  11. I tried reading Kinsale a bit ago when everyone raved about her old historicals. I finished one and thought it was just okay then tried Flowers ... Could NOT get into it. At. all. I gave up.