Sunday, March 29, 2009

away for a while

Things are really crazy and slightly messed up at the moment. I'll be away from the blog and such for a bit. Maybe a week or two. Cannot survive without more than that. Hahaha.

Good news, a huge weight was lifted from me last week when I was assure my job. People had been let go, but during my review, my supervisors/bosses were very happy with me. So, horray!
Bad news, the guy and I are on an indefinite break until things clear up. More for myself then him. Will write more when I'm feeling better. He was being a stupid egocentric ass who is unwilling to compromise. This woman does not deal with this crap (or at least, I'm slowly learning). No worries though, I'm getting much better and am doing rather well now. I'll just be avoiding the net and phone for a while and will be back soon. :)

I went to a very dear woman's memorial over the weekend. She and I had fell out of touch some time ago, but I love her dearly and will miss her.

And as such, I will try to live my life to the happiest and fullest everyday doing what I want and not let anyone or any thing stop me for doing the right thing. ^___^

I may have suffered a few heartbreaks, but I feel I have matured much. To the future!

Love you all and miss you every single day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A big thank you!

Thanks everyone for your advice, thoughts, and much needed wondrous insight! I send out big internet hugs. ^___^

To update, the guy and I had a talk and we've in agreement to slow things down. :)

Thank you, thank you! The extra confirmations and boost of confidence to know that I should do what is best for me.

I also spoke with my mom; very calmly and nicely, that I need to experience living on my own. So she and I have been looking around to help me move out. If only for a little while, I should live on my own and grow up a little being independent and such. ;)

Things are going fairly well although I won't be able to blog or surf blogs as much anymore. We're officially locked out from work. *sigh* Want to surf blogs.

And yes, I feel very much loved by everyone. Like the cute little puppy. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

I am so lucky to have all of you as friends, even if only seeing each other rarely or if once a year, and if only a slight maybe in the future. ^_~

I send out much love!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too soon?

How soon is too soon to move in together with someone? Cuz...the guy wants to.

I was originially okay (or, I didn't have an opinion one way or the other), but the more I thought about it, the more it sounds off. As in, it's only been 2 months...and, I haven't had a chance to be on my own yet.
The guy thinks it is a solution to our "problems" since we are too far away. I...don't know. Yeah, I think I'm hesitating too.

On another note, I just finished Jade Lee's The Concubine. Not bad. I've now started Coraline by Neil Gaiman. :D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A bit of consistency, but still ranting

Horray, another post in the same week! I'm very proud of myself. If only this will last.

First off, thank you ladies for the great encouragement, advice, and moral support. :) I really appreciate and value your opinions and POV. ^_^ Sometimes, it's a little hard to see things when I happen to be in the middle of it. Preconceptions, biases, and whatnot (and my own age) doesn't tend to help.

A bit of sad news filtered through almost right after my last post.

I received a call from a college friend, which normally would have been a good thing, to hear a very influential professor of ours had passed away just a few days prior. It was not a terrible shock as she had been ill for some time and her age didn't help matters. What did cause a pang of regret in the pit of my digestive organ was the fact she and I never truly reconciled and having lost touch a while back.
Called the surviving spouse to offer assistance and condolences, but he wasn't really up to talking so I'll probably call back later this week as he had suggested. Things happen and I'm not too upset over the passing. Merely the losing touch and never really having a resolution to the past.

Another friend (also former classmate) has been hit pretty hard as well. She's not dealing too well and I'm not exactly sure if the way I'm dealing with it is correct even for me. My professor's gone and there's much anyone can really do. I only hope her husband will be okay.

Oh, a bit of example as to the irritation I feel from the guy:

*phone rings, I pick up phone and sees The Guy is calling*

Me: Hey!
The Guy: Hello?
Me: Hi.
TG: Hello?
Me: Yes?
TG: Hello? Hello?
Me: Uh...yeessss?
TG: Hello? Can you hear me?
Me: ...

*insert irritated look at the phone*

Me: I can hear you fine.
TG: Oh, ok. Good. I can hear you too.

*minor pause with lil Alys getting a bad feeling*

TG: Um.

*bad feeling grows*

TG: So your teacher died.

*Alys smacks own forehead*

This was an example of his usual sensitive approach to talking and comforting me. *sigh* Yes, that really was him trying to comfort me. So, I figure that the biggest source of problems in this relationship really is his lack of skills in communication. Complete lack.

I got upset after a while as he really was terrible. Really terrible.

Oh well, nothing much we can do. Everyone warned me he doesn't like to talk, which has since been disproved as he talks to me a LOT. He just says terrible things because it doesn't filter through his giant head. Ergo, he doesn't talk to others. Which is fine, I told him, as long as I'm the only one he talks to.
Yes, I've decided being subtle does nothing. Guess I'm learning to put my very tiny feet down. Better than kicking him in the head.

See?!?!!! I was never this violent before. Another facet about me I'm starting to learn. O_o Ugh, and I used to be one of those people that hate talking about my own relationships. *sigh* More to learn. All bad stuff. It'll calm down soon. It better. Or I'm seriously going to chuck a book or two at his head. Not for read, just to relieve tension. ;)

In the meantime, I've finished all 4 seasons of Futurama. Love it. :) Need the movies now.

Monday, February 16, 2009

this is getting bad

It's been over a month and I haven't posted!!! For all the chocolate and good books out there, I haven't even been surfing on the blogs!!! Oh the horror. What in the name of my devoted authors has happened to my time?!?!! Yea yea, the annoying guy. *sigh*

Truth be told, half the time I've been extremely busy at work. Which is good given that I have a job. For now. I keep having nightmares about being late or messing up. Both resulting in your's truly being replaced. Ugh, nightmares.

So, quick catch up~~~

SoCal Bloggers meet- It was wonderful. Just wonderful. Super Librarian and I carpooled in the Batmobile. :D She was awesome, of course. I talked her ear off ^___^. Lil Alys is getting spoiled by the Super Librarian. Teehee. Books. At the actual meet, had tons of fun chatting, listening, and discussing-what else?-romance novels. I am sooooooooooo behind. LisaBea came to visit (note to self, need to get Gobsmacked), met 3 more bloggers whom I need to link to soon (lil alys is sooooo behind) and saw 3 blogger hubbies. They kinda just tolerated the bunch of glorious women pouring much love and discussion over books. ^_~ Too much fun. Rain or shine, just fun fun fun. :) I missed everyone all ready!

Books- Yes, I've been buying books even though I haven't been reading at much. Bad Alice. Although, I should be having a review up soon. Going to be doing a two book review on that Joey Hill books. Mermaid/Angel smex. Hehehehe. Want to read more though. Books, they call to me. Calling my name, in my sleep, while I eat; haunting me.

Movies- Welllll, been watching DVDs mostly. I'm starting to enjoy staying in. Bad sign. I should be living out what's left of my youth.

Relationship- Quick skinny. Met the guy when I went to visit my auntie-friend (meaning, parents age, but whom I'm also friends with), while he was fixing said friend's (his aunt) computer. He is slightly older than Lil Alys by like 9 yrs. I mock him mucho over this. Now, we're officially together and have already met each other's parents (it's only been a month?!?!! WTH!!!). So, we're pretty comfortable with each other. Heck, I actually feel like he and I are already an old couple. For V-Day (which I never cared too much for), we kinda just stayed in and watch TV/Movies/DVD the entire time. He went out and bought food cuz Lil Alys does not cook. It's kinda nice, but should I be having those much publicized "honeymoon" period? Cuz, I think that lasted like a week. We're also finishing up the "bickering" mode where everything he does irritates the heck out of me. Now, we're kinda just settling into the old couples mode. Is this what I get for dating an old(er) dude?

Relationships are weird and I'm not sure if I'm suited for it. What's with all these compromising and spending time together and trying to be supportive? Can't I just go back to reading my romance novels, blogging and friends? I srsly think I've been too nice to him. Time to take back my books---er---life ^_~. Um...that's about it. Any advice in dealing with men and relationships in general? Been a while for this girl. Can't I just throw things at his big head and hope it'll get through to him? Since talking doesn't seem to work. Okay okay, I'll stop complaining.

P.S. Amy - your books should be out by this week. Sorry for the huge delay.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

woe noes

Where is Alice?
Why has there been no comments? Or posts? All these books floating abound and not a single post? Not even email responses! *le gasp*
If any one of you had such thoughts (not likely as I'm sure you've noticed that I still surf and read blogs), never fear for I am here! *ta da*
Okay, okay. It's not as bad as it seems. Okay, maybe it is.
It's been nearly 2 weeks and I've done nothing. O_o I've read 1-2 book(s) and no movies. The books I've purchased have been sitting there, mocking me. Whereas, every time I try to go to the bookstore, I do not come away with any purchases. The 1 measly book I was actually able to read was because I escaped to the library before the phone started buzzing. Picked up a DVD too. Heh.

So, why have I seemingly disappeared? It's January. A whole new year! Well, don't ask me how it happened (because I really don't know), but apparently, I'm in a relationship. Yes, no clue how it happened.

Ergo, instead of my usual fun of bibliophile and my unopened stack of DVDs, my time has been consumed by The Guy. That's my reference for him. He's called the guy.
And what's worse? I haven't written one word!!! Oh my dragons. Oh my sheeps. Oh my redheaded Kate who's supposed to be enjoying that sheep. *cough* It's gotten so bad, I even dream of writing a story.
Even my journal has been put on hold.
Want to write. Want to read. Want to watch movies.
He's all for those stuff, but why does he want to be with me when I do such things. Nags me when I buy tons of books and then wants me to share. Not that he reads. Noooo, he wants me to read to him. What the hecka?
The ominous feeling of my joyous youthful life being over is near completion. Yes, my life is over. *sigh*.
Okay, so I'm whining mucho.
Onto the books:
I'm starting to like Victoria Alexander's stuff more and more. It has the simple quaint feeling and a nice splash of odd humor which I find quite endearing. To break a curse, a widow from Scotland sets out to trap/marry a English lord. Along the way, she loses her memories. Said man "helps" her and craziness ensues.
The premise was okay and the story was pretty interesting. What I love most are always the h/h interactions. Just plain funny. Although, this one is not my favorite of this author's works, but I definitely enjoyed it. :) A fun read as always. This author is slowly moving up to my auto buy list. Not yet, but pretty soon. ^__~
As I've said before, this author is a hit or miss of me. This one was a bit in between. Wrong woman taken for an "elopement" but they marry for an inheritance. Of course, we all knowing romance readers have been educated by Jane from DA to know that this type of will based storyline is unrealistic. Still, I found the story cute. If only they will wasn't completely enmeshed in the story where I would break out of my dreamworld and think "pshya, not farthing likely." Cute aspects though.
Now, the book I really want is A Witch's Beauty and for some freakin reason, it's not at the bookstores I've been going to. If this happens with some of my must buy books come out, I'd probably start throwing things. Went to like 3 Borders and 1 B&N. Is it so hard for them to just give me my freaking book? Of course, I've been dragging the guy to the bookstores with me despite him being a big distraction. Gotta give the guy brownie points for accompanying me to said stores despite the fact he hates reading.
Yes my dear friends, I'm with someone who hates reading. I don't know how this happened. So, my ladies, I need some help. He wants to share my love of reading by having yours truly read to him. Which book should I start with?
It's a new relationship so I don't think I want anything too border erotic, but please, for the love of all that's romance, no purple prose. I think I'd die laughing first. ;)