Wednesday, January 14, 2009

woe noes

Where is Alice?
Why has there been no comments? Or posts? All these books floating abound and not a single post? Not even email responses! *le gasp*
If any one of you had such thoughts (not likely as I'm sure you've noticed that I still surf and read blogs), never fear for I am here! *ta da*
Okay, okay. It's not as bad as it seems. Okay, maybe it is.
It's been nearly 2 weeks and I've done nothing. O_o I've read 1-2 book(s) and no movies. The books I've purchased have been sitting there, mocking me. Whereas, every time I try to go to the bookstore, I do not come away with any purchases. The 1 measly book I was actually able to read was because I escaped to the library before the phone started buzzing. Picked up a DVD too. Heh.

So, why have I seemingly disappeared? It's January. A whole new year! Well, don't ask me how it happened (because I really don't know), but apparently, I'm in a relationship. Yes, no clue how it happened.

Ergo, instead of my usual fun of bibliophile and my unopened stack of DVDs, my time has been consumed by The Guy. That's my reference for him. He's called the guy.
And what's worse? I haven't written one word!!! Oh my dragons. Oh my sheeps. Oh my redheaded Kate who's supposed to be enjoying that sheep. *cough* It's gotten so bad, I even dream of writing a story.
Even my journal has been put on hold.
Want to write. Want to read. Want to watch movies.
He's all for those stuff, but why does he want to be with me when I do such things. Nags me when I buy tons of books and then wants me to share. Not that he reads. Noooo, he wants me to read to him. What the hecka?
The ominous feeling of my joyous youthful life being over is near completion. Yes, my life is over. *sigh*.
Okay, so I'm whining mucho.
Onto the books:
I'm starting to like Victoria Alexander's stuff more and more. It has the simple quaint feeling and a nice splash of odd humor which I find quite endearing. To break a curse, a widow from Scotland sets out to trap/marry a English lord. Along the way, she loses her memories. Said man "helps" her and craziness ensues.
The premise was okay and the story was pretty interesting. What I love most are always the h/h interactions. Just plain funny. Although, this one is not my favorite of this author's works, but I definitely enjoyed it. :) A fun read as always. This author is slowly moving up to my auto buy list. Not yet, but pretty soon. ^__~
As I've said before, this author is a hit or miss of me. This one was a bit in between. Wrong woman taken for an "elopement" but they marry for an inheritance. Of course, we all knowing romance readers have been educated by Jane from DA to know that this type of will based storyline is unrealistic. Still, I found the story cute. If only they will wasn't completely enmeshed in the story where I would break out of my dreamworld and think "pshya, not farthing likely." Cute aspects though.
Now, the book I really want is A Witch's Beauty and for some freakin reason, it's not at the bookstores I've been going to. If this happens with some of my must buy books come out, I'd probably start throwing things. Went to like 3 Borders and 1 B&N. Is it so hard for them to just give me my freaking book? Of course, I've been dragging the guy to the bookstores with me despite him being a big distraction. Gotta give the guy brownie points for accompanying me to said stores despite the fact he hates reading.
Yes my dear friends, I'm with someone who hates reading. I don't know how this happened. So, my ladies, I need some help. He wants to share my love of reading by having yours truly read to him. Which book should I start with?
It's a new relationship so I don't think I want anything too border erotic, but please, for the love of all that's romance, no purple prose. I think I'd die laughing first. ;)


  1. Enjoy your guy!!
    The sheep, dragons and redhead Kate will be waiting for you when you have the time. :D

  2. ooooh, a boy! details details! sounds like you have been busy. heh.

    hope you are happy. may you continue to enjoy your new relationship and also find some great books. :)

  3. What about Harry Potter? Or JD Robb? Or Nalini? :D

    I'm sure you'll think of something. And hey, The Guy wants you to read to him. It can't be ALL bad. LOL!

  4. I'm with Sula. Spill your guts and tell us more about 'the guy'.

  5. There is a Guy?! And a relationship?! Ooo la la! That's a good enough excuse not to be reading so much as any! Heck... I use it all the time! :P

  6. Everyone can wait but we want the details on the guy LOL!! Must share. Its like that I've notice. da BF doesn't care if I do any of those things he just wants to be around me which in itself makes me not want to do the things I would alone.

  7. KB- I'm afraid to ask what you mean by "enjoy." ^__~ Yes, the dragon is waiting and so is kate, but that sheep is pestering me. >_<

    Sula- Datails? What kind? ^_~ I kid, I kid. Yes, I go write details. ^_^ Is it bad that I want to find great books more than enjoying the new relationship? Cuz, ya know, it'll dim down. I think...I hope...

    Bridget- Hmmm, HP might be a bit long with 7 books (my throat will die O_o). Nalini's too hot, but maybe. :D
    It's not all bad, but definitely has drawbacks. Where's all my personal time?

    Rosie- LOL, sure. What do you want to know though? Must think on what's in my gut. ^_~

    Chrissy- Yup, the guy and the relationship. But, but, I don't want to use it as an excuse. I want to read! <~~whinning mode. :P

    Sarai- LOL, details yet again. Must go blog a new post then. Exactly!!! With the guy hanging around, it makes me not want to do all the stuff I usually do. Cuz it feels weird. Okay, this is good, cuz it's not just me then.

  8. Congrats on the new relationship! Relationships tend to suck up our time at first but things will get into a groove for both of you soon. You'll get back to writing - eventually. :) Enjoy it!

  9. Hehe... a GUY We definitely need to know more.

  10. Yay! New guy!!! Enjoy it. The books and blog and all that will be there when you find the time. Just have fun with him, even if he is a philistine who does like to read ;)