Monday, February 16, 2009

this is getting bad

It's been over a month and I haven't posted!!! For all the chocolate and good books out there, I haven't even been surfing on the blogs!!! Oh the horror. What in the name of my devoted authors has happened to my time?!?!! Yea yea, the annoying guy. *sigh*

Truth be told, half the time I've been extremely busy at work. Which is good given that I have a job. For now. I keep having nightmares about being late or messing up. Both resulting in your's truly being replaced. Ugh, nightmares.

So, quick catch up~~~

SoCal Bloggers meet- It was wonderful. Just wonderful. Super Librarian and I carpooled in the Batmobile. :D She was awesome, of course. I talked her ear off ^___^. Lil Alys is getting spoiled by the Super Librarian. Teehee. Books. At the actual meet, had tons of fun chatting, listening, and discussing-what else?-romance novels. I am sooooooooooo behind. LisaBea came to visit (note to self, need to get Gobsmacked), met 3 more bloggers whom I need to link to soon (lil alys is sooooo behind) and saw 3 blogger hubbies. They kinda just tolerated the bunch of glorious women pouring much love and discussion over books. ^_~ Too much fun. Rain or shine, just fun fun fun. :) I missed everyone all ready!

Books- Yes, I've been buying books even though I haven't been reading at much. Bad Alice. Although, I should be having a review up soon. Going to be doing a two book review on that Joey Hill books. Mermaid/Angel smex. Hehehehe. Want to read more though. Books, they call to me. Calling my name, in my sleep, while I eat; haunting me.

Movies- Welllll, been watching DVDs mostly. I'm starting to enjoy staying in. Bad sign. I should be living out what's left of my youth.

Relationship- Quick skinny. Met the guy when I went to visit my auntie-friend (meaning, parents age, but whom I'm also friends with), while he was fixing said friend's (his aunt) computer. He is slightly older than Lil Alys by like 9 yrs. I mock him mucho over this. Now, we're officially together and have already met each other's parents (it's only been a month?!?!! WTH!!!). So, we're pretty comfortable with each other. Heck, I actually feel like he and I are already an old couple. For V-Day (which I never cared too much for), we kinda just stayed in and watch TV/Movies/DVD the entire time. He went out and bought food cuz Lil Alys does not cook. It's kinda nice, but should I be having those much publicized "honeymoon" period? Cuz, I think that lasted like a week. We're also finishing up the "bickering" mode where everything he does irritates the heck out of me. Now, we're kinda just settling into the old couples mode. Is this what I get for dating an old(er) dude?

Relationships are weird and I'm not sure if I'm suited for it. What's with all these compromising and spending time together and trying to be supportive? Can't I just go back to reading my romance novels, blogging and friends? I srsly think I've been too nice to him. Time to take back my books---er---life ^_~. Um...that's about it. Any advice in dealing with men and relationships in general? Been a while for this girl. Can't I just throw things at his big head and hope it'll get through to him? Since talking doesn't seem to work. Okay okay, I'll stop complaining.

P.S. Amy - your books should be out by this week. Sorry for the huge delay.


  1. Let me give you some sound relationship advice: Begin as you mean to go on.

    Which means - be yourself. If you want to throw things at his head after only a month, throw things at his head. He'll either duck and get with the program or get smacked upside the head and walk. But trust me, you'll be better off for having done it than not (ok, maybe not literally throwing things at his head..although..the idea does have merit).

    For example: I love romance novels. I love the heroes from romance novels. On our first date I told MM about my love of romance novels. On our second date he went shoe shopping with me and we stopped at B&N along the way so he could see me in all my book shopping glory. Now, 3.5 yrs later, he doesn't complain when I buy either books or shoes.


    I'm so glad I finally got to "meet" you! We'll have to make sure not to wait so long in between meet ups this time.

  2. Holy crap Holly stole my line! I've said that to my nieces a million times, "Begin as you mean to go on."

    Alys, if he doesn't appreciate the whole you know he's never gonna. There's nothing wrong with the whole romance reading you. Nuthin! So do what Holly says and be yourself.

  3. Super Librarian lives to spoil.

    And what Holly and Rosie already said. Trust me on this - you do not want to be in a relationship where you can't "be yourself." It's hell, and I don't recommend it.

  4. Okay, so THAT'S where you've been! Nice to see you back around, and I'm glad the meet-up was fun.

    I would definitely echo those wise gals above me, though, on relationships. Plus, if you're feeling like you're in old couples mode, you two may have different ideas of what's fun!

  5. I can only echo the fine advice my blogger cohorts have spewed before me. :)

    Be yourself and do what you need to do to make yourself happy. If he wants to watch tv or a movie and you want to eeeet. Or read a novel while he watches eeet. Hopefully he will be understanding. You can't put your life on hold for a man. It took me a long time to figure this out but I eventually did. Good luck sweetie!

  6. Holly- Oh yes, I had a great time "meeting" you. Can't wait for next time. :D Teehee.
    Yes, being as I mean to go on with this guy, I think I may as well smack him a few times. Thanks! :) The odd thing is that I am being myself, but it's like a part of me that's there and was never used-does that make sense? Ah, love of romance novels. Yes, he's rather supportive of that despite books putting him to sleep. Too bad for him. hehehe

    Rosie- ^__^ I will. The romance reading hasn't really stopped per say. More like, I'm reading (or trying to) and he's just staring at me saying he just wants to see me read. I don't know about you, but it sucks me right out of some hot scene. ^_~

    Wendy - Teehee. *firm nod* Yes, if I can't be me, what am I even doing, right? Thanks. :)

    CJ - Yes, the truth comes out. Stupid guy.
    Darn old couples mode! He's all, let's watch a gorey movie, and I'm like - no. Lol. So he ends up watching the gore while I read a book only to find him NOT watching the movie and staring at me as I moon over a fictional character.

    Tracy - 5/5 definitely means I need to be listening. :) Yes, I think I'm starting to realize that too. Not to put my life on hold. Yes, I may need to cut down on my book consumption from 1 every two days to maybe 1 a week, but no more putting my books on hold! :)

  7. It's hard in a fresh relationship to do what you've always been doing and still spend time with him. But like they've all said above me. You have to set it up right up front so he and you know the boundaries and rules