Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Winter Holidays~~~

I cannot express how happy and touched I was when I saw the comments to my first post after so long. It has encouraged me to work hard to at least try and post a little every now and then and try to keep in touch with everyone. :)

And to that extend, please endure through (or skim if you can, ^_~) my reattempts at blogging/writing/working hard to move forward.

I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break! Or at least got a break at some point.

It has been raining off and on the past few weeks. Although somewhat inconvenient for me (and rather dangerous for others - landslides, flooding, etc.), I actually enjoyed it rather much. Environmental skeptics should really pay attention to the weather these days. The shifts has been very noticeable. Don't know why so many people enjoy denial... myself probably included, but for different reasons.

This has been a good time for me. I usually slept in until 10AM each day. Great stuff.

Book-wise, I haven't read anything newly released. I did finish The Hathaway series. I love Bea. After reading her book, I realized why I had been so in love with this series. It was all about Beatrix. Lover her. Will gush later on, I hope.

Been looking for some good skincare as I've become pretty much allergic to everything out there. I have been making my own, so will post on the eventually.

Cooked some chocolate and apple cinnamon scones. They looked terrible but definitely edible. :D

I hope everyone had a safe, fun and happy weekend and to look forward to the next year.

I love you all very much!


  1. I'm curious about your homemade skin care products. My acne seems to be getting worse these days. Sigh. I'm wondering if I just need to go with something that's REALLY gentle.....

  2. We're enjoying our winter break.. my husband is off all this week, so a lot of together time! :) Although it is harder and harder to keep a teenager home watching movies with mom and dad. *sigh*

    I'm curious about your homemade skin care products, too. I am 42 and still get pimples now and then. What the heck? Plus my skin gets extra sensitive and blotchy and itchy in the winter. I'm too old for this!!! LOL!


  3. Wendy - Hmmm, aside from a very very mild cleanser and non-alcohol toner, I currently use serums rather than any creams (haven't mastered it at all, hahaha). Do you think that'll help?

    Christine - I saw the pictures! They are both growing up so fast. :) Really? I always stayed home in my teens..although I mostly stayed mopey in my room. lol. For the blotchy and itchiness, try aloe vera gel before putting on any moisturizer.

    Why are we all getting pimples?!!! So not cool! When its cold, the skin gets too dry which equals pimples...and when I put on moisturizers, it still gives me pimples because it's too rich! O_o

  4. Yeah, I'm currently experimenting with the "less is more" method - and seeing if that helps. The other problem I think is my exfoliant. I use one because I'm prone to blackheads, and I think it might be too harsh.

    Seriously, I never had to work this hard on my skin when I was a frickin' teenager! Why now that I'm "old?" LOL