Friday, December 17, 2010

Over a year and half later...

Guess this is still around, although no one reads it anymore. I think that might be a good thing.

Reading my old writings has been rather depressing. Of course, I'm just in a self pity mood these days.

I don't read as much, believe it or not. I still don't.

Still working at the same place.

Still living in the same place.

Still with the same guy (for now, I think he's getting worn out and vice versa).

My dog passed away. That was probably the single most devastating thing that has happened to me in a long time.

Stopped writing for a real long time, but am slowly trying to get back into it. The noticed how terrible my writing skills have become. No adjectives and riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

I sit in the cubby walls, lit by the painful unnatural light only to see how life has moved on so quickly without my noticing.

Feelings of joy become mixed with envy when I see how many people have proceeded to excel at life and living. For most, they work so hard I cannot help but be proud and try to let the world know how great they are. For the few, I wonder how it is that life looks like a gentle clean breeze that does nothing more than sweep the few off their feet in an easier and more fruitful life in comparison to the world I dwell.

Who knows, maybe this and the other will slowly be the knock I need to wake up out of this unbearable stasis.

The conclusion, I complain way too freakin much. And therein lies another complaint.


  1. I'm glad you checked in Alys! I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately.

    I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your dog.


    PS..see, there are still people who read this..we're just waiting for you to come back.

  2. (((((( Alys ))))))) You are first in my list of bookmarked blog feeds... I took a double take when I saw the little (1) next to your name and was so happy to see a post from you. I admit that I worried at first that your blog got spammed... SO thrilled it is really YOU!

    ... yet sad that you lost your beloved dog and that you feel some disappointment in your situation. I know how much your dog meant to you. I'm sure that was--and still is-- difficult.

    The writing will come back to you once you get to it again. Just like riding a bike. :)

    Everything else in life takes work and sometimes a little bit of luck, too. You can make it happen and get to that happy, healthy place. You can! I know it.

    Also, don't get wrapped up in looking at everyone else thinking there life and their world is better, more productive, happier, whatever... You NEVER know what goes on behind other people's closed doors. Just because people blog or share about the good stuff... doesn't mean they don't have bad stuff in their life.

    You are not complaining. You are sharing. Besides, this is your blog. You can say anything you want to here!!!

    HUGS! xo

  3. Was so happy to see this post pop up in my Google Reader! Yeah - Alys is checking in!

    {{Hugs}} to you on the passing of your puppy. And I'm sorry to hear you're a bit down right now. Chin up sweet girl!

  4. Awwww, I was so suprised and happy to see the emails that said I had comments here.

    Thank you, all, so much for caring. I almost cried. See? I can't even articulate myself. >_<

    All I can say is thank you. :)

  5. So glad to see you!

    Sad about your dog, but really glad to see you check in!

    Like everyone else, I was amazed and happy to see that little (1) next to your blog in my reader :)