Sunday, April 17, 2011

april showers

It's mid-April and my blog progress has been slow. The goals I've set for everyday life still not met, but hey, at least I'm trying. It certainly has not helped that various strains of flu and bacteria decided to strike at me one after the other, but it does make life interesting. And by interesting, I meant drowning myself in liquids, giving co-workers the evil eye (wondering how much it takes to survive if I quit), and spontaneously buying books. Alas, the sad news of several Borders closing their doors at least helped some people boost their reading materials. I am one of those sad fools that have taken what little benefits from the misfortune of a multinational bookstore. Less romance novels than I expected, but more than a few books I'd been eyeing. Hopefully (as with the many many backlogs of the years before), I would be able to post some reviews on here soon. Best to all~~~

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