Friday, April 22, 2011

Day of the Earth’s Memories (hopefully not gone forever)

This day snuck up on me out of nowhere. Of all days to forget, I would never have thought I’d forget earth day (one of my favorite holidays that totally should be federal holiday so people can go out and help out the environment).

Nothing beats the crisp clean air so cold in burns ice down your lungs with every inhale but mini clouds puff out of your slightly parted lips. The sky so clear you can almost imagine every constellation visible during the golden bright day. A moonless pitch black night would become completely alight by the blinking galaxies floating in the ocean universe. When it rains, oh my goodness, the world turns to shadows and everything rumble and roar of thunder reverberate through the ground and trembles penetrates every raindrop. Water seeps into every crevice soaking the earth and bring life to the tiny sprouts lengthens each leaf to the warming sun and gentle wind while their tiny root toes stretching and curling into the earthy soil.

Animals awaken and sleep; they rejoice and cry – each creature trying to live life.

Or even those that have passed to be remembered for their life.

Whether a celebration of life, or the cycle of life – Earth day is at the least an important reminder to the very disconnect illusion of commercialized individualism and independence at the expense of the environment we all dwell. In reality, the constant earphones walking down the street, eyes plaster to the tiny electronics in our hands, the world really is just passing by. People really do forget to stop and smell the roses…or any kind of flower that is in bloom that other people we rarely acknowledge planted and removed season by season – taking away even our connections to the cycles of a simple flower.

In honor for this day, I am getting my hands back into the dirt and planting a little flower. Well, more like scattering seeds in the yard and hoping they’d grow. I actually do have another planting project going on, but that’s a little hush hush. ;)

Here are a few books I’ve read/going to read in an attempt to expand my knowledge of the environment around me and get back into what I always love; earth.

If you enjoyed the series Life After People, you might like this book.

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. It's a book that talks about what will the world be life if homo sapiens disappeared from Earth. The reason I got it, Jon Stewart. Lol. This was an interesting book at the time I read it because I was really mopey and depressed about the world (dOoM). Knowing that the Earth will find a way despite the horrors human beings have somehow caused made me feel a little better.

This book is more like speculative thought with some science involved. Just an interesting read.

And speaking of Jon Stewart.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart presents Earth (the book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

I love this book. I love the audio book even more. It made me laugh, it cry (from laughter) and most importantly, it made me think while trying to keep a sense of humor. If you really think about it, life is pretty grim for us all, especially at the rate we are all going. Yet somehow, Jon Stewart and his staff of writers, actors, comedians, and guests are able to make a grim situation grimmer and still have us laughing about it. If you have read this book, please do. And if you can't read, listen to the audio book. It comes highly recommended.

And here is a pretty motivational book that I will have a review about in the future. This review is taking a long time mainly because of the impact and some of the research I'm trying to do as a result.
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingslover.

Can't write much without my thoughts bursting through, so just a quickie.
Barbara Kingslover and her family decided, for one year, they will try to consume only foods they know the sources to - which turned out to be mostly home grown. Views from Barbara, her husband and her oldest daughter. A very interesting read and again, highly recommended by yours truly.

I wanted to place a book here about animals, but I didn't know which one so I think I will settle for a website.

If you have time, visit Global Animal. They are a website that encourages people to take action and help our fellow animal, but very importantly, they post a lot of news about current events and their effects on animals. There are shocking things, funny and cute things, and many sources to connect us all. Or you can click on Cute Overload for some pictures. :) They are tooooo cute.
I hope everyone is having a good day today and are all taking care of themselves.

With much love~~~
Also, today's post is...
In loving memories of my two puppydogs: Never thought I could survive you and in truth, part of me has not, but I’m trying.


  1. What a lovely--if not beautiful post! I love Earth Day, too. So much to think about and do and from which to get real life inspiration and motivation.

    Hope you got your hands dirty! :)

  2. Hi Christine~~~ Thanks! I did get my hands dirty. Lowes was giving away free trees and I got me a tiny little one and planted it. :D