Monday, May 30, 2011

BossyPants by Tina Fey

Bossypants by Tina Fey
(Fyi- this cover scares me).

Lookie! Another book review! =D Maybe I will be able to do this at least once a week. This is so exciting.

Let me write it in a way befitting of the book. Where to begin? I debated whether or not to buy this book for like…a second and then used it to stop my table from wobbling.

The writing is simple and snarky. A lot of names were dropped whom I had absolutely no idea why. Ms. Fey reveals parts of her self and experiences you would hope never to have to see or hear again. I have no idea what made me want to burn the hard earned, sweat gained money to – ahh-ha! I’m just kidding. Seriously, I’m joking.

I was in a mopey mood when I figured this would cheer me up and it did. This is a pretty interesting book. Tina Fey recounts different aspects of her life, her experiences, what other people taught her, and her own recommendations/suggestions/demands for people to live their lives. In all honesty, I learned absolutely nothing spectacular and I guess that was the point. This book was just mindless fun of everyday life no matter how extraordinary it may seem to other people. People should not take the book too seriously for the most part and just sit back and enjoy.

From reading this book, you take away the simple fact Tina Fey is human – her personality, her arrogance, her insecurities. Everything was written (although funnily sharp) sincerely in a twisted and crazy way. She talks about her experiences getting started, or learning to work – her ideas and opinions (and boy where there many) and especially the glimpses of her life.

Ms. Fey pokes fun at many many people as well as point out how many of these people work wonderfully often using herself as the antagonist. She does not paint herself as having won hard found battles, she gives credit to all those around her, but more than anything, you can feel the almost truthiness (hehehe) of what she wants to say. The book literally read as if Tina Fey was right in front of me emailing/talking in such a frank and honest way you cannot help but laugh. Did I mention several of the chapters are just one single page? And there is one that is basically two lines.

Ever since this book, I can tell you for sure that I love Amy Poehler all the more. What? You didn’t see that coming? Yeah, neither did I. Hahaha. That’s how randomly interesting this book is. The nuggets of completely unrelated topics that somehow mix together so well all you need to do is bake the result and have very yummy chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t know if there was any true point. Only that as I read this, I felt that Tina makes no apologies for who she is, what she does or the choices she’s made in her life. As I’m reading this really funny book (I was snorting out laughter quite often – usually at work), it did make me think about what people read other people’s autobiographies or biographies.

For years and years, books (fiction) have been the only window to anything and any world other than the bubble-to-the-7th-power in which I dwelled. Books were the friends that never abandoned me in my darkest hour. But biographies? No idea.

Now, I ask myself: What’s the point? Are we all trying to look for someone at a role model? To live through in a creepy projection/stalkerish way? Do we want to learn something without having to experience it ourselves? To connect? Or even to judge?
I’m still not sure, but at least it finally got my brain thinking again and that is definitely something good.

What I learned from Bossypants:
Conclusion: Don’t apologize for who you are and take responsibility for what you do; the choices you make. - I’d like to try that more. :)
This is an entertaining book for everyone. There are some tiny nuggets of good information. There are some random craziness. It may or may not change your life, but it will certainly make you laugh until your stomach hurt. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outdoors and health

(The school where our little puppies used to roam)

Just recently, I made a decision: I want to be healthier. Yes, I’ve work hard on my little garden and I’ve become much more careful with what I eat (as well as where my food comes from), but that’s not enough. I wanted to start exercising more. Yes, yes, I’ve said this like a million little times, start working out only to give up a month later (usually due to monthly friend). Lately though, I’ve been doing pretty well since I kind of gave myself a little loophole.

Everyday, after work, I go out and walk. Even if it’s the mall, the bookstore, or even the library, I need to get my butt off any stationary surface and move.

Last Thursday, after pestering and nagging my mother to death, she agreed to go walking with me after dinner (mainly because she feared I would be snatched away and disappear into the fading light). It was actually a very pleasant experience. Slightly cold and windy, but the sky was dusky clear, the air crisply clean and mom behaved by not asking me questions I did not want to talk about. Well, she tried, but I said straight out we shouldn’t talk about it at that time. Instead, told her a lot of weird and crazy stuff. Reminisced about our doggies and how much we missed them. I’d like to do it again in the future…as long as my dear mother stays away from certain topics. Plus, I have to work hard to keep her from talking about certain topics.

Oh that is life.

In the meantime, I’ve been browsing the bookstore quite a lot, but due to the reading slump, I haven’t picked up anything lately which is really irritating as there are a lot of coupons and discounts going on right now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So this is the year of the golden rabbit. It’s supposed to be a good year, right? Rabbits are tame, quiet creatures. Golden is all the better, right? Would’ve been great if I was already shacked up and pop out a rabbit baby (in my childish opinion), but do you know what happened instead…a wild urban rabbit has decided to invade the yard. I know I wanted a rabbit, but this is a little extreme even for me.

I’m all up for interspecies adoption, but this little rabbit decided to come into my parents yard, take semi-residence (which means I can’t even get any benefits like cuddling and petting it) and the spoiled rabbit decided to chomp on my attempts at growing a garden. My cute small little flower and veggie garden got EaTeN!!!

My first sunflower of the year grew to roughly 5 inches and while I was getting ready to take a picture and be all proud… I came home to a tiny little stub. It was traumatic to say the least. The little potted plants I had so lovingly watered, moved around day and night to avoid the dratted slugs, and rushed out in the middle of the night during the only time it hailed to rescue my plants…was eaten by a rabbit I don’t own. What am I supposed to do? Deprive the rabbit of much needed food? But seriously, why must this rabbit eat my plants. There are so many other shrubs, flowers and whatnot. Instead…my stevia leaves, all gone. My onions and spinach…eaten. And my sunflower!!! Oh my beautiful little sunflower sprout, it was the first one to survive the weird weather we’re having. It grew so strong and bright that it gave me so much hope and happiness everyday after a life sucking day at work. Now, it is nothing more than a puny non-existent nub of a flower stump.

*sigh* It did not help that some crazy animals had been fishing in our half broken pound where one lonely koi resides. Of course, I talked the guy into taking me to buy another fish, so now two tiny fishes are swimming around in fear daily. O_o Trying to think of ways to protect them, but aside from moving them into the house (which they are actually too big for such a tiny tank), I’ve been racking my brain on what to do. (Update: Parents were finally able to plug up the hole in the fence where the rabbit got through. Now it mostly snacks on the front yard flowers).

And in “honor” of the rabbit and fish issues… I present to you:

Bunnicula. Yes, you read right, Bunnicula. For those of you that have yet to read, or even heard of the book, well, you’re missing out on some childhood imagination. :)
Told from the view of a dog, Harold, and cat, Chester, the family they love found and adopted a little rabbit that has red eyes, surprisingly sharp teeth, and a weird design of a letter V on his head. They named the rabbit, Bunnicula. He sleeps all day and wakes up only at night. And in the next morning, the vegetables left for him are all sucked dry of their juices.

This is surprisingly good book for children. With all the vampire craze these days, I always wondered why no one came out with a storyline like this. Not that I don’t enjoy the angsty vampire lurv, but too many makes me too apathetic. Besides, I often wondered 1) what happens if a vampire bites an animal 2) what if animals can become vampires and 3) if vampire myths are based on animals (such as werewolves based on feral wolves, mermaids based on sea lions) what happens when a true vampire is an animal. Also, why must all vampire stories suck blood? It’s really not that nutritious. My rambling thoughts aside, onto my rambling thoughts on the book:

This is one of the first stories I’ve read told from an animal’s perspective and I really enjoyed that. It has quite a bit of suspense for such a simple and short story, but it is definitely worth reading.
(quick fyi-the pics are not the said rabbit and sunflower, the sunflower is already a stub and I can't find the pic for the rabbit).

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Witch’s Beauty by Joey Hill

A Witch's Beauty by Joey Hill
Book 2 of the angel/mermaid series.

Ok, this review has been a long time coming since. Long, long time. I had highly anticipated its release back in the day, running to several different bookstores several times before finally finding a copy (probably a prelude to the slow fall of a bookstore chain). So, finally getting back in the swing of romance novel reviews…

A Witch’s Beauty continues off some time after the first book of the mermaid fairytale. This story is about the witch, Mina – half mermaid, half dark-one. The hero is David, a very young “made” angel. As with most books, there is a quest, a lot of smex and revelations. I personally enjoyed this book and saw it as a twist on beauty and the beast.

Both characters are really tortured souls because of their horrid childhood, if it can even be called that. But despite the torturedness (is this a word? I don’t think this is a word, I should stop making up words…or maybe I should do more?) and whatnot, both characters have this very strong sense of humor; that they are still able to find some joy in life no matter how morbid. David was more outwardly humorous, but Mina recognized the deep-seated “something” darkness in him. Whereas everything about Mina screamed horror and angst, but David was able to see how she often does stuff that makes her laugh on the inside.

Everything in the book about these two characters comes down to the word balance. Mina must balance her evil and her good – once cannot overshadow the other or else she totally loses it (to the point where it causes her physical pain). David not only pushes her to the brink, but also helps her maintain it. David is very funny at times, but when he’s tortured, boy was he… Mina, despite being so stoic, scary and “macabre,” she has this wonderful sense of dark humor that I found really hilarious.

The book literally starts off with the Angels deciding what to do with Mina. She does not want their protection and a few Angels got killed trying to “guard” her by a few stray Dark Ones trying to get their claws on Mina. So, the angels deliberate if they should continue to watch over someone they don’t like, or if they should just off her and make life easier. David, of course, does not want anyone to hurt Mina and bursts into the conversation and “offers” to protect her. And things go from there…
I was not too interested in their adventure/quest and mostly focused on the Mina/David relationship. The glimpse into the dark world was rather interesting and surprise, surprise (minor sarcasm), they introduced Dante for the next book. The writing was overall pretty simplistic and was nice, but nothing to gush about. I found the world believable up to an extent with some loopholes and some predictability. The twists and crazy stuff are not for everyone (not that a good reader cannot guess already). Essentially, what I liked most about this book was the combination of Mina and David. Their relationship is one of the best (in my puny opinion) and I love how they fit so well together.

I really enjoyed how Joey Hill created this world; the good and the bad. There were quite a lot of smexy scenes that was hot. Some crazy stuff. And some gross stuff. I liked this book better than the first one and found it more humorous (don’t know if that was intentional). It would be interesting if the author attempted at some romantic comedies, but alas I have found many really funny writers tend to write dark, brooding stuff.

One very tiny small little minor issue: If I read the word “macabre” any more times in my life, I’d go crazy. I get that half her body is completely ruined (totally ok with the one boob, scared face, and a few fingers short). But did it have to be the very same word over and over and over again? Even now, when I see that word…or have to write it, I make one of those silly pained smiles that just turn into the confused grimace of a child tasting the sourest of lemons.

Some parts, I felt were unnecessary and could’ve been cut to leave more room for cool scenes, or smexiness… like oranges and chocolate chip cookies…

Conclusion: Not for everyone, but I like it for a change of pace.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Parks and Recreation: The Trip

Omg, omg. I love this show!

In all honesty, if this is what government life is like, I wouldn't mind it so much. :)

This episode rocks, as do all their episodes, but oh my goodness...

In this episode, Chris sends Leslie and Ben on a trip to help out a government project. Now, Leslie and Ben have been dancing around their mutual attraction, but because of government rules that bosses can't date employees, the two have been resisting. This trip thought, might just push all their attempts out the window. I love how Ann tries to help Leslie resist even though she really is secretly wanting to see the two be together.

Spoiler Alert (please highlight):
I can't believe it! Ben and Leslie finally kiss! OMG, their tension has been sooooooooooooo well written. Both actors are awesome I have been dying to see them get together even though it's not allowed (darn you regulations!!!). I love it!

On two secondary hilarious storyline: Ron tries to discourage a 4th grade girl about government work (to be a libertarian like him, lol). And Tom creates a game show (basically an already existing one and just renaming it) inviting , ie. forcing, his co-workers to participate which causes problems between the newly married Andy and April.

I really love the dyanmic of this show and how even though each character is so weird and crazy, they have such affection for each other. I really love this show and am going to have to resist buying the dvds right now as to wait for this season.

Thanks for reading my love rant. ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Week Between

Ok, I really really meant to have posted a few ongoings and reviews since my last one, but life is going a little insane.

Minor rant: I’m getting a very weird vibe at work and think that either a change of career should be considered, or at least look for another environment on the horizon. Not too sure.

New Experiences: For the first time since I was able to vote and started driving, I was called to show up for jury duty (not the much beloved calling-in jury duty, but actually going in to be called into jury box duty). Sat outside almost the entire time and didn’t bring enough books. Note for next time: bring laptop as they now provide wi-fi. Movies during lunch and occasional gifts for jury appreciation day was nice though. I got a button, notepad, sticker and pencil. :)

As for the homefront: I really need to move out soon. As loving as my parents are, it has become unbearable. Screw traditions and overly burdensome familial responsibilities. “I want to live!” – Stewie Griffin. Problem? Everything is so darn expensive...and I want to find another job. *sigh*

So, quick recap:
Parks and Recreation: I cannot believe they were able to get Parker Posey to guest star. I love her! With Amy Poehler? O.M.G. It was a hilarious episode over a fence the wealthier city Eagleton build on a playground to divide their part of Pawnee. I really wish Pawnee and Eagleton existed. I really want to live in a world where Leslie, Ron, Ben, Anne and all the rest of them exist. I hope we’ll be able to see more of Parker Posey in the future.
A secondary story, Ron’s birthday! I love how he got all insane thinking about what Leslie was going to do for his birthday. And the result? It was just too good.
Reminder to self: buy.all.dvds.

Modern Family: Mother’s Day. This episode is one of the special occasion episodes the series produce every season and it was really cute. I love how this show actually comedically portrays some often-not-discussed issues. How tough it is to be parents (and kids of crazy parents), how different cultures and ideas find middle ground, and even how every relationship is hard work. My favorite part: Jay remembering his mother. It brought me close to tears, but also made me want to laugh in happiness.
I hope everyone had a good Mother’s day. I didn’t do much this time. The guy and I bought his mom a pot of lavender flowers. We got my mom both smaller pots of aloe vera. Lol, yes, you can see my influences…I like pretty flowers/plants that are beneficial.

In the meantime, there are several books on my radar, but the darn bookstore does not carry. Darn you bookstores!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mindless consistency (In which I talk t.v.)

So, I will admit, I haven’t been reading much these days because I spend all my time in front of the television…or more precisely, in front of the computer streaming free shows.

This idea of allowing people to watch shows online has much debate and discussion surrounding it. Whatever it may be, it has allowed me much ease to watch the shows I want in a more carefree manner. No longer do I rush home to catch a show, or fight with family members over which shows to watch. It has even eliminated the “oh noes, I missed that episode due to _________.”

Instead, maybe a few times a week, I plop my slowly increasing in diameter, width and weight bottom into a nice position in front of my computer and stream away. Believe it or not, I actually stopped watching a lot of shows because I simply did not have the time to watch it when it was on. DVDs are still so expensive if you try to buy it in sets that I’m willing to sit through a few commercial even online for a good show or two before eventually purchasing said shows. Lol.

Since I am watching them anyways, it finally occurred to me that it probably would not hurt if I blogged/reviewed my thoughts about the shows I watch…even if it is way after the fact. At least this will help me to write more. Who knows, it might push me to be more consistent and I can annoy people while I gush and talk about shows. Lol.

(This was supposed to have been posted earlier, but sadly, when I was editing, I realized all I wrote was mindless gushing…so, the shortened and condensed version).

Now, a mini-catch up of shows:

Nikita – So far, I love this show. How long has it been since there has been a series where we have a female lead that kicks ass without it all being about her conflicted oh so sad love life, oh she’s so torn, oh so she’s sad, oh she needs rescuing…blah blah blah. Here, the characters are strong, but so is the story arc. I like how this show centers on the two female characters. You actually have very solid relationships and conflicts.
If nothing else, every episode of this series has some awesome action scene – like seriously awesome. Explosions, gun fights, hand to hand combat. And what is also amazing, Maggie Q does all the stunts herself. I did notice they are injecting some major romance into the series and I’m rather conflicted about it. I hope it was planned out and won’t take away from the overall story.

Castle – Oh, Nathan Fillion, you are a hilarious and wonderful actor. Your character Richard Castle is someone so nerdy and cool. This show is my favorite, to the point where I get DVDs as birthday presents. It’s funny, it’s deep’ the cast is awesome, the writers just as awesome. It is full of information, humor and drama. I cannot even tell you how many times I heard something new and then start searching up on it to learn more. I hope it never changes like so many shows before, or else I’d be so very sad.

Parks and Recreation – I will quote Tina Fey when I say, I love you Amy Poehler. If Leslie Knope really existed and worked in Pawnee, I would move there just to be her assistant or a lowly clerk. Why are there no Leslie Knopes in the world? If this show had been out when I was in college, I probably would have continued down a very different path (or not, but I can dream right? lol). Leslie, you are my role model in a world so lacking in them. Ok, I’m being slightly dramatic since you are a fictional character, but still… you know what I mean. ;) This is one of those shows that all you want to do it laugh. The series centers on the diverse and crazy characters that all somehow work so well together with quite a lot of real and very good POV on people&government. This is actually one of the few series when I get surprised by the storyline even as they develop. I love every character, even the crazy random citizens. Everything is so well thought out. I love this show. I love Leslie Knope and Amy Poehler is awesome.

Modern Family – If you haven’t watched this show and loved it… well, we must have really different tastes. As the name says, this really is a great show about the “modern family”. The dynamics and characters are so great together, this is a wonderful show for everyone in the family. I think we can all relate to some aspect of this show, whether to characters or their experiences. And if not, it is just hilarious fun that teaches about family and friends. Every character in there, even the guest starts, brings so much into this show. A truly family series, imho.

30 Rocks – Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. Need I say more? Yes? Ok, ok, let me gush. In this series was when I really notice what a great writer Tina Fey is and why many people say Alec Baldwin is a great actor – because he really is. I love how the show even jokes about themselves so often and so much - left and right. The show took some interesting turns, but it was so well developed I can’t even imagine it being any other way (like the fantasies I have of many other shows). I laugh so hard and hope it never ends (even if Alec Baldwin doesn’t want to do it anymore…why? Don’t go! Stay!!). This is one of those shows where I constantly wonder “how in the world did they even come up with something like that?” It really is that crazy.

Hawaii-Five-O: All I can say after watching this show is I really want to go to Hawaii. Really really really want to. Some of the storyline aspects are cliché and overly dramatic, but I’ve really enjoy it if only for the location, action and simple case mysteries. This is also one of the very few shows where I see more diversity: The local culture, the backgrounds and language – so much more authentic and real. Even the extras are diverse looking. The food and especially the gorgeous land. It is a beautiful place. Like I said, I really want to go to Hawaii. Lol.

Body of Proof – This is very new and for some reason, I like it enough to wait to see how it develops. The characters are all funny and interesting, but I won’t know for sure until a few more episodes. :D

And for a sad goodbye…

Perfect Couple – It seems like this show got cancelled. This was actually a show the guy recommended, promising I’ll like it. And as a testament of how long we’ve been together that he can pick out my taste in shows…I absolutely loved this show. It was hilarious. It centers around three couples (don’t they all) where two of the characters are siblings. It showcases the various types of relationships and kind of the ups and downs of friendships…mainly that no one relationship is normal. Hahahaha. Oh well, at least I can watch it online. >_<